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I'm hoping to go back to school this Fall. If I don't get in, I will be devastated.

I went to Missouri/Kansas for 5 days and LOVED it.

I think I'm returning to the Mormon Church and the thought scares me for two reasons.
1. I'm an enigma and there aren't many Mormons like me. I feel lonely and out of place when I go to Church.
2. Because of the aforementioned and other issues, by returning to the Mormon Church, I will significantly reduce my chances of doing the traditional thing; getting married and having kids.

I am really tired of politics.

I live in one of the whiniest condo buildings in Seattle. Not a week goes by without some note whining about not recycling properly, or complaints of noise, footsteps, parking, etc.

I like Twitter, a lot, and I "tweet" occasionally, but I prefer Twitter as a means of getting breaking news and keeping up with friends, associates, etc.

I am bored to tears and would love to find a part-time job that I enjoyed.

Utopia doesn't happen in 5 months or less.  

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I was hanging out with my Grandma since she is in the hospital and while she was getting a test, I spent some "quality time" with Grandpa. Grandpa is a diehard Republican. I had wrongly assumed that the disaster that was/is the Bush Administration and the havoc they wreaked would tell people that maybe, just maybe, the Republican Party is lacking and that a Democrat should be given a chance to right some wrongs.

Well, Grandpa just does not agree. There are a few different camps of Republicans right now. Those that are infuriated over what took place from 2001-2009, those that ignore what happened, and those that are mad, but blame Obama for as much as possible. Sigh.

This whole thing makes me so annoyed with politics and really annoyed with people who can't keep an open mind to a different approach. Obama hasn't even been President for 5 months, did you expect everything to be perfect?