Today is a Great Day!  

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Hillary Clinton will soon be named Secretary of State and though I would rather have her be my Vice-President, I can live with SoS. I am just eating up some of these Obama staff announcements. It's so refreshing to have intelligent people that will be running our Federal Government again.

Today is also a great day because I finally got back up on that job searching horse and submitted some resumes and cover letters to some great places. The job market is just flooded with the unemployed and so it will be interesting to see what type of progress I have. Unfortunately, getting a job has a lot to do with who you know, not necessarily what you know, and most of my contacts are in Idaho, Vegas, New Hampshire, or DC, and not Seattle.

I am really digging my idea of creating a website with some information on candidate/campaign tracking. There is a huge lack of information out there and I have lots I could share with those novice trackers and campaigns who need help with their tracking program.

As you might know, I have views of downtown Seattle and Lake Union and I've noticed that often times when I look outside, I don't see any lights. Sometimes it startles me and I think the power went out out there and then I remember how much fog this area gets. I've missed fog. NEW HAMPSHIRE got some decent fog, but Seattle gets way more fog. It's nice.

Readers, Meet Buster!  

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Moving In is Fun Yet Not.  

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Still unpacking and getting settled. Ahhh, so much to do. I still am waiting on my loveseat and I am hoping to get it delivered next weekend! I'm really not happy with the layout of my furniture, but my "great room" is small and more rectangular, so arranging is awkward. My tv had to be placed in a specific spot (lest I have cords running all over) and that has really screwed everything up. 

I still haven't found night stands so my bedroom is just my bed (God bless Tempurpedic, they are worth every cent) and my tv on its stand. Why are night stands so expensive? Some of my furniture is Ikea and that is okay, but Ikea furniture doesn't seem built to last and so I limited my Ikea furniture to two bookcases (which actually seem really solid), a tiny table with some chairs, as well as their cheapie side tables, which can't fit in my "great room" so they will most likely go in my bedroom. 

I ended up buying some cheaper bookcases at Target because I have some autographed memorabilia I'd like to display somewhere and you can never have too many bookcases. I've ended up giving about 100-200 books to Deseret Industries (like a Goodwill) and storing a bunch of other books away. I can't have all my books out because it just takes up way too much room. I'll need a library room when I buy a house!

I put up my tree and that is taking up quite a bit of room. I maybe should've gotten a small tree, but I was so excited I actually got to celebrate Christmas this year, I bought my tree a few weeks ago and want to soak up every last bit of the Holiday season as I can. 

Happy Holidays to you and Happy Holidays to me!

I Found "The Cat"!  

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As you may have guessed, I am in the "market" for a kitten. I thought I had wanted an Exotic Shorthair Calico (like Gizmo, for those who have met her). But then I started reading about the Scottish Fold breed.

The Scottish Fold breed is a very affecionate cat without being demanding. They like to know what you're doing and often times follow you from room to room. They like to sleep on the bed, and usually on their back!

They are known for sitting up when something catches their attention, which I have to say is the cutest thing that cats do! They are playful but not hyperactive. They are very adaptable cats, which is the number 1 thing that caught my attention. Right now I am single and living alone, but in 10 years, I could be married with kids. It is also good because I will most likely move in a year or so.

Scottish Fold cats are known to get along well with other animals, which is exactly what I need because I have a dog that is with me a lot, my beloved Lucy, who is 11 years old and a Maltese.

The more I read about this breed, the more I realize what a good match it is. I have also decided to get the folded ear Scottish Fold, instead of the straight ear. Here are some pictures, including ones of the typical sitting Budha position Scottish Folds are known for and the sitting up position they are also known for.
Scottish Fold cats also have larger eyes and with the Folded Ears and other facial characteristics, they sometimes have an owl look. My mom isn't really a fan of this look, but I find it endearing.
Another breed I have become interested in is the Pixie Bob. They are the most "doglike" cats out there. If you see a cat on a leash being walked, it is typically a Pixie Bob cat who are easier to leash train. Pixie Bob cats will wait for you at the door when you leave and really crave human interaction, so you really need to devote time to it.
Check out the pics and let me know what you think. Spare the lecture on buying from a "pound" or shelter, please. My last cat came from a shelter and I adore her.

In Love.  

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What do you think? Should I buy her?

Prop 8: Ugh.  

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Ok, so I wrote a post a few days ago mistakenly stating that the Mormon Church itself donated money to Prop 8, which is false. I am not sure what I was thinking or if I was under the impression that the Church did donate money, but they did not.

The money, 77% of it, came from members of the Mormon Church. Isn't a bit ironic that a religion who faced persecution and discrimination for their polygamous marriages is now asking members to support laws that are discriminatory?

Lastly, I will not approve anonymous comments. If you aren't willing to take credit for what you say, you can post somewhere else, like your own blog. Have the courage to stand behind your words, stop being a coward!

Happy Veteran's Day!  

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To our veterans, thank you for your service. You're bravery, service, and sacrifice is something we all admire.

In regards to our brave brave brave veterans of the Iraq War, this quote comes to mind:

"Yet not a hundred people in that battle knew for what they fought, or why; not a hundred of the inconsiderate rejoicers in the victory, why they rejoiced. Not half a hundred people were the better for the gain or loss. Not half-a-dozen men agree to this hour on the cause or merits; and nobody, in short, ever knew anything distinct about it, but the mourners of the slain."-- From The Battle of Life by Charles Dickens

I've Decided...  

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to create (re-create) my Curriculum Vitae and submit it to a few community colleges to see if I can do some adjunct teaching next quarter. I think it's a good opportunity to see if I really like teaching and if so, maybe go back to school for another degree.

Stop the hatin'.  

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I've been watching with both interest and nervousness as a good friend of mine blogged about Obama winning (the comment section went crazy!). Some of my friends are Republican and they haven't been very happy about Obama winning (BIGTIME!). I've tried to put myself in their shoes.

I have been one of the most apprehensive supporters of Obama. Don't believe me? Check my blog archives or look at my Facebook history. I just refused to buy into the Obama mania. But I became inspired at what he was able to do. What he did is make people believe again. He gave people hope. People believed that they had a voice again. That they counted. That they could do something to better our country. How could I then complain or look with disdain at what Obama had helped create and inspire? I couldn't.

Like him or not, like his policies or not, what he has done is unprecented in our time. We haven't had a leader like him since Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK. You don't have to agree with his policies to agree that his mantra of "YES WE CAN" can be applied to all kinds of service and work. Let's use this opportunity to come together and fix the broken system and a broken Washington (D.C.).



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Obama Wins and Our Country is Reborn.  

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"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Barack could run. President Obama was just elected so our children can fly." Not sure who said this. Picked it off of Facebook.

First Results are IN!!! Obama takes Dixville Notch.  

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I've got a special place in my heart for Dixville Notch, New Hampshire. Almost a year ago, I tracked my first event/candidate. I tracked John McCain in Dixville Notch. There were maybe 20 people there and only a few people in the press pool. I was nervous as hell and amazed that I stood five feet from McCain as he held a town hall at the Balsams Hotel (which is GORGEOUS!). That event feels like yesterday.

I barely made it up the Notch because of the snow and steep roads, but my Nissan made it, despite spinning out and doing some 360's.

Dixville Notch is a gorgeous area (take a look at some pictures) and so I was excited to find out that Dixville Notch, for the first time in 40 years, has voted for the Democrat for President, Barack H. Obama.

In case you don't know about Dixville Notch, they are the first to generally report their results in the New Hampshire Primary and General Election, with having their citizens vote at midnight and immediately reporting their results.

This is AWESOME! Thanks, Dixville Notch, for putting a smile on my face.

This is it, folks.  

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Many of you, I'm sure, have already voted. To those who haven't, allow me to give you some recommendations.

Obama (must I give an explanation???) Aren't we tired of the direction this country is headed? Aren't we tired of endless war? Endless war that costs $10 billion dollars a month? Are ready to usher in a new era? An era where we work with our allies, where our government works for the people and not corporations, where we can tackle our problems with solutions that don't hurt the middle class?

Gregoire. I'm sorry but Dino Rossi doesn't support open and transparent government. He despises openness and he despises Democrats. We need a Governor who works with both sides. Gov. Gregoire has won awards for her managerial skills and this state, though not in great shape, is one of only 10 states that has a surplus.

Peter Goldmark (Lands Commissioner). The Republican, Sutherland, is a perv and sexually harassed an employee. Not to mention he is way too cozy with the special interests he is supposed to help regulate!!! That is NOT GOOD.

Carol Gregory in Federal Way. I love love love Carol Gregory and Skip Priest has been around far too long. While he is a moderate Republican, we need change and someone who has a better grasp on educational issues. Gregory is a former teacher and understands education.

Randy Dorn for Superintendent of Public Instruction. I don't like the WASL, you don't like the WASL, no one likes the WASL, except Terry Bergeson. Time for Randy.

No on 985. Sounds good but takes money from the general fund to pay for unspecified road projects, which is NOT GOOD.

Need any other help? Give me a call.

Steve Young, Another Mormon Against Prop 8!  

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Well, kinda. His family has No Against Prop 8 signs and has donated $37,000 against Prop 8, but his wife sent this email: "To expand on my earlier email, I am very passionate about this issue and Steve is completely supportive of me and my work for equality."

Barb Young understands the issue. It isn't about religion, it isn't about marriage, it is about civil rights, about equal rights. The same arguments against gay marriage were the same arguments against interracial marriage back in the 1950's. 

The government has NO place in marriage. Religion has no place in politics, unless they pay taxes.