The Curtain Comes Down  

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I'm sitting on my bedroom floor surrounding by bags and boxes knowing the end to my time in D.C. ends in the next 12-14 hours. I was hoping to leave today, but I needed to ship more boxes than I anticipated and my sleep schedule is so out of whack, there was just no way I could leave before tonight.

I said my last goodbyes yesterday and now it truly feels as though it is time to bid farewell. So, Washington, D.C., you are my Mecca forever, but the timing just isn't right. I know I'll be back for visits, but until then, goodbye.

Auto Insurance Rates in Washington=EXPENSIVE As Hell.  

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So my auto insurance provider for the last year has been Geico. I've been pleasantly surprised with them and they have not only given me a very competitive rate, but superb service. A few days ago I logged onto my account and updated my address to my address in Washington State. I didn't expect a rate increase, maybe a small one because I would be using my car, but nothing dramatic. Boy was I wrong.

My auto insurance premium has doubled. Yes, doubled. With no change in coverage, the increase in mileage providing only a minimal effect, my monthly premium will now be well over $100 a month. I don't have a clean record, but I do maintain a premier status with Geico and apparently the reason for the big increase is the fact that I am moving to Washington.

I did some googling and one random person said that she was told that 40% of drivers in Washington are uninsured. If I'm paying up the ying yang because of moron drivers who can't cut their spending on booze, drugs, or cigs to pay their premium, that's truly pathetic and I'd like to give a big middle finger to those uninsured drivers. YOU are the reason so many of us see increases like this. Yes, the insurance industry as a whole leaves much to be desired and so often their actions border criminal behavior, but I can't blame them solely for this mess. Other people posting about the high rates have experienced the same thing, even when moving from California!

A little less than a year from now I'll be a year older and my one traffic infraction will drop off and my rate might drop just a bit, but until then I'll be paying at least $50 more a month because apparently it's more dangerous to drive in Federal Way, Washington rather than the Washington, D.C. area, it really makes little sense.

Quote to Ponder  

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"It's hard to wait around for something that you know might not happen, but it's even harder to give up when you know it's everything you ever wanted."
-Author Unknown

VP Choices for McCain.  

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A lot of friends and family members ask me my thoughts on who McCain and Obama will choose as VP running mates. I don't claim to be on the inside and have any special knowledge, I just claim to be a political junkie who knows a lot of the names bouncing around news articles. Of course McCain and Obama can do what many nominees do and pick someone people weren't expecting, so know that my list isn't exhaustive. I'll make this specific post about McCain VP choices and add some of my own commentary. (I'm writing this after waking up wide awake at 5am on 5 hours of sleep, so please excuse any grammar and spelling errors.)

McCain Potential Choices:

Mitt (Robomitt) Romney: He's been an option from day 1 but only because of his economic cred and the fact that the base isn't happy with McCain. Picking Romney is an attractive choice because a lot of the Repub base has come to love and miss Romney (apparently Romney flip-flopping in abortion, gay marriage, immigration and every other issue isn't a concern for Republicans). McCain needs to energize the base and appease them. Picking Romney could go far in this regard. Also, Romney would be able to beef up McCain's fundraising with both his own money and his large list of big money donors.

Rudy Giuliani: Slim chance he'll be chosen. McCain likes him, but Rudy's astronomical failure to do well in his run for the GOP nominee killed most of his chance of being chosen. He's a liar and a lot of people don't like "America's Mayor." Hell, even his own daughter wanted Obama to win. If he's chosen I'll cheer because it will assure an Obama victory.

Mike Huckabee: Small chance, slightly higher than Rudy's chances. Huck's retail politics are tremendous and he does well on the stump. Truly a decent guy who has a loyal following within the Republican base. The following would be larger except Huck is a bit of a Republican populist. Definitely more of a common man fighter than the corporate one we expect in a Republican candidate. Some of his extreme social views discount him heavily and I think Americans want a candidate who doesn't wear his religion on his sleeve as much as Huck does.

Lindsay Graham: Republican Senator from South Carolina. McCain loves his Lindsay Graham. If I had gaydar, Graham's readings would be off the charts. This guy is as gay as the day is long. Nothing wrong with that, but McCain can't choose him because he is boring as hell, from South Carolina, and has big problems with the GOP base.

Tom Ridge: Former Governor of Pennsylvania and Secretary of Homeland Security (also served in Congress). McCain would pick him in a split second if he didn't serve in the Bush Administration and if he was pro-life (Bush ties hurt him more than his pro-choice stance). He could potentially deliver Pennsylvania. He's pro-choice and highly connected with Bush, which significantly ruins his chances. But McCain can have a mind of his own and in a moment of rebellion, would choose him. He did endorse McCain before the NH Primary and McCain values his early endorsers who stuck with him during the lean times.

Gov. Bobby Jindal: Governor of Louisiana. I've seen Jindal in action and he can be a very persuasive and charismatic person. He has a great resume but he's too young and would be a risky choice. He'd help bring in some young swing voters and maybe some ethnic/racial minority voters, but I can say for sure that Obama will get huge majorities of most race and ethnic minorities.

Sarah Palin: Governor of the beautiful state of Alaska. I just don't like this one, but she's apparently seen by some as a Republican superstar. She just had a baby and is from Alaska. Small chance and a risky choice. But she is pretty popular in Alaska, so you never know.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty: Governor of Minnesota. I love this guy. I've seen him several times in person and he is a fantastic speaker. I'd love it if he were a Dem because he's so good on the stump. He'd be a decent choice because he is a good-looking, young Governor of Minnesota, which could swing to the Republicans (small small chance), and he has somewhat of a loyal following with the GOP base. Has a pretty good shot of being chosen. Endorsed McCain early and McCain likes the guy.

Gov. Charlie Crist: Governor of Florida. High approval ratings in Florida and is appealing to moderates and Independents. Tons and tons of gay rumors and then he is suddenly engaged....He found a beard in just the nick of time to be considered a strong viable VP choice. Could potentially deliver the state of Florida to McCain.

Colin Powell: Former General and Secretary of State. McCain likes Powell but Powell might endorse Obama, so he really isn't in the McCain camp yet. Too closely tied to Bush and his big asset is his military cred, which McCain already has the monopoly on. He's not much of a VP choice, but McCain would love his endorsement. Funny how his endorsement hasn't been delivered to McCain!!!

Rep. Rob Portman: Congressman in Ohio. Strong chance of being chosen because he hails from Ohio, a swing state. Has good econ cred, which McCain is severely lacking. Decent on the stump. Not a horrible choice, but pretty boring, but boring is a synonym of Republican VP choices.

John Thune: Senator of South Dakota. Repubs love them some John Thune. But he's from South Dakota and besides adding a tiny bit of excitement to the McCain candidacy, doesn't add much. A safe choice, but there are safer choices that could have bigger upsides.

Carly Fiorina: Former CEO of Hewlett Packard. Apparently she did a really shitty job as CEO, but still has the econ cred. Also a woman, which the moderates like. Decent on the stump, smart, a bit moderate, but she has no political experience.

Condoleeza Rice: Former National Security Advisor and current Secretary of State. She would maybe have a decent shot if she wasn't in love with George W. Bush and didn't serve in his Administration. Incredibly smart and African-American, but McCain will only get a small chunk of the black vote (chunk of black Republicans) and she won't really add onto that bloc.

Kay Bailey Hutchison: Senator from Texas. Woman, McCain likes her, and would ensure a Texas victory. She's a bit older and voters could be wary of another Texan in the White House. Isn't particularly charismatic. Nice lady, but I think other people have a much higher chance of being chosen.

Joe Lieberman: Senator from Connecticut. McCain would love to choose this guy. Would help get some of the Jewish vote and some Independents and moderates. But he is pro-choice and aside from the War and some other issues, leans Dem. This choice would alienate the Republican base and despite the upside of getting some moderate votes, McCain would lose just as many, if not more, of his GOP base votes. These voters would either sit out the election or vote a third-party choice.

Any other choices you'd like to add? Honorable mentions would go to: Elizabeth Dole, Fred Thompson, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush, and David Petraeus.

If I were a betting woman, I'd place my money on Mitt Romney right now. Other bets I might place would be on Pawlenty, Portman, and Crist.

UPDATE 3:18pm: Check comments for a comment by Ted who really wants Gov. Sarah Palin to be the VP choice. I'm tellin ya', lots of excitement for her.

Some thoughts on the John Edwards mistress and love child stories...  

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By now, you may have heard about the John Edwards affair allegations that include a child he allegedly fathered. sigh. I have many thoughts. First of all, nothing has been proven. Second of all, I hope to God it isn't true. But, if the affair and/or child story is true, it is a very sad story.

It basically underscores a problem many politicians face, adultery. Hell, it's a problem many people face. Frankly I'm not too terribly surprised when there are allegations of this sort of thing and when the allegations are proven, it's just another public face who did what we have come to expect. Truly sad that we have become numb to something as tragic and wrong as adultery.

I think the reason adultery bothers me so much is because I believe that trust is sacred and adultery can ruin or at least damage the trust that has been sacredly placed with another. Also, adultery doesn't just affect a married couple, but the children, extended family, even the person(s) who is sleeping with the married person.

This situation with John Edwards is really providing me with a test. I have a problem with splitting. As you all know, I love and adore John Edwards. Not just the politician, but the person. I think he geniunely has a good heart. Yeah, he's filthy rich and lives in a big mansion and is a millionaire, but I know he cares about poverty. I know he was geniune in what he wanted to fight for as President. I still believe in his message and I will never regret voting for him in the NEW HAMPSHIRE Primary.

So my splitting problem is something I try to work on. Believe me, it's a daily battle. The John Edwards allegations are providing me with the perfect test. It makes me angry that he might've done this to his wife, kids, and supporters. It will damage his reputation and hurt him if he continues working on issues he cares about. We may never know the effects.

This is all so unfortunate because it shouldn't discount the work he has done; the kids he has helped put through college with his own money, the people he helped who are poor, the millions he inspired with his message. I think if we knew of every politician who had an affair, we'd be shocked. If we withdrew our support based on the fact that a politician did have an affair, we'd be hardpressed to find many to support.

A politician who doesn't cheat shouldn't be given a pat on the back, but one that does have an affair shouldn't get a free pass. We want better and we should demand better. (FYI: John McCain cheated on his first wife with a much younger woman, his current wife, Cindy McCain. His first wife was a model but was in a car accident and gained weight and lost height and didn't have those same model looks.)

I hate that politics has come to this. We expect adultery, corruption, cronyism, special favors, and special interests placed over majority interests. So, either we can keep expecting this, or we can do something about it. What will you do?

Dear Washington State Democratic Party,  

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My name is Jessica. For the last several months, I have tracked over 130 events, all of which included Republican Presidential Candidates (oh and I tracked for 2 days at CPAC, which was a blast!). I tracked town halls (including invite only, private, closed, corporate, etc), house parties, rallies, parties, speeches, "events", press/media avails, tours, and every other type of campaign event. I was able to gain access to events no other tracker could get into. I was told and known by many people and organizations as the "best tracker in the country." What can I say, I have a gift.

I tracked for an organization that provided me with the top notch equipment that made my job easier. I had a Macbook and Final Cut Express for editing, a sweet Canon HD Camcorder, a nice microphone that captured great sound, a fancy Manfrotto tripod, the cords and adapters to plug into a mult box, a digital voice recorder, and more.

So, Washington State Democratic Party, if you want to track and ensure that the crook Dino Rossi doesn't win, and ensure a Darcy Burner victory so that douchebag Reichart loses his seat, I suggest you not only keep tracking their events, but you invest in equipment that will capture great images and, more importantly, GREAT sound.

Call me. I'll help you. I'll be in Seattle by August 11th, see you then.

Sincerely Yours,


Saying Goodbye, Part 1.  

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Editor's note: This post was written over a week ago. I didn't post it until today because I am lazy.

Tonight I met with some of my former co-workers at Recessions, a bar a block away from the infamous K-street (I worked on K street, ironically enough!). It was a time to celebrate and a time to say goodbye. Words can't adequately describe the emotions I experienced tonight. Some of the strong emotions are related to individuals I am leaving behind. Some, the life I am leaving behind.

The journey I've embarked on over the last year has been remarkable in many ways. I have traveled this wonderful country we live in. I have lived in Vegas, New Hampshire, and now Maryland. I have fallen in love with New England and I think about NEW HAMPSHIRE almost daily.

I have grown up in a lot of ways, matured in just as many, and I have fallen short and recognized that it is a daily struggle to improve upon ourselves, and sometimes we lose the struggle.

So, here are some pictures as I reflect on the last year and the journey I began July 1st, 2007 and the journey that ends this August.

One of my first days in Vegas (July, 2007), I met my hero, John Edwards. Words cannot describe how excited I was to meet him. When he walked into the room, he saw my shirt, shook my hand and grabbed my shoulder with his other arm and said, "I like your shirt." I was speechless, but I managed to say, "I like it too." A friend captured this on video but I never got her to send me the footage. Ah well.

This was my office in Vegas! Sign signs everywhere. This was in August of 2007.

Tim Russert and on the NH Primary Day (January 2008)! He was so kind! RIP.

Me at Daytona Beach in Florida (February 2008). Probably the prettiest beach I saw on my travels. Miami beach was pretty too. Daytona Beach was better. More peaceful and better sand.

Me with two of my former co-workers at Recessions (July 2008). Notice my new hair color?

Job Announcement for the Seattleite!  

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I'd like to let you all know that I have been offered a job with a progressive organization in Washington State! This group is doing cutting edge work using the internet and I am very excited about the learning opportunities involved and the chance to meet the wheels that make the progressive bus go round up in Washington.

I think I'll hold off on naming the organization. Feel free to email me if you want to know.

Headed to the Hill later today.  

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I am meeting the regional director I had when I was field organizing in Vegas. She works up on the hill (Capital Hill for those non-DC folks). I am excited to see her, she is pretty damn cool. She is one of my references and I wanted to say goodbye before I move and I have yet to go to the Capital Hill area. I am hoping to get in some sightseeing as well.

I had a phone interview for a job today. It went okay. I stumbled and my answers weren't as organized as they should've been. We tend to speak how we think and I obviously think in a unorganized fashion.

I've been emailing my resumes out for random organizing positions in the Seattle area. I received a call back about one particular position. The fact that they want to put you up in host housing worries me. But, it's always nice to get calls back because the person thinks you are qualified enough to talk to.

The pay for organizing can be good, but it depends on who you are organizing for. Unions tend to pay more because it is a union and they try to practice what they preach. There is more stability with unions and usually the chance to be promoted. Campaigns tend to pay less because they would rather spend the money on ads and there isn't as much stability. sigh.

I've officially began really really worrying about how I will fit everything into my car. I'll need to ship a few boxes and I've been using those space saver bags (the ones at Target that don't require a vacuum SUCK, DO NOT BUY THEM) but as I look around my room and imagine stuffing everything into my car, I panic.

I have a post in the works. A more emotional and intimate post about me saying goodbye to my former coworkers the other night, but I'm still working on it.

If anyone has any tips on shipping, let me know. I don't care if it takes weeks to get to Seattle, I just want it to be cheap. I am not sure if UPS, USPS, FedEx, or DHL is the best option. From what I am gathering, I should shop around because each package can vary. Great.

A new website I love and update on my job search.  

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So my good friend Liz loves this website called Steep and Cheap. I've known about it for over a year but finally decided to pay a visit and I have fallen in love. I have already bought a few things (sunglasses, shorts, and backpack). The deals are awesome and they ship things fast, and by fast, I mean super duper fast (ship things within a day of placing order).

The catch is there is only one deal at a time. The deals come quickly though and there are several a day. You can download various different alerts, but that only encourages spending money.

In other news, I have a phone interview for a job on Monday. The job is in Seattle. It's a campaign job and I am being selective about which campaign jobs I will consider. This campaign is not a candidate campaign, but a progressive group. They seem way cool and they try to be on the cutting edge of technology and understand the importance of it in politics/campaigns. If I do any campaign work, I need to know I can have a life outside of the campaign.

On Monday I'll also be meeting with some former co-workers to say goodbye. One of them got a job at the DNC, and apparently a few others have moved on as well. Not that it has anything to do with me, but the 2 jobs where I left on interesting terms, many people followed. Again, not to do with me, but it's just funny.

Giddy with excitement!  

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So the travel advice I received is pretty much the course I'm looking to take. It allows me to see North Dakota, hit South Dakota and see Mt. Rushmore, then drive through Wyoming and see Yellowstone National Park. I lived so close to it for years and never went. I know, I know, I'm totally lame.

I'm trying to convince some of my friends in Pocatello to drive up and camp with me in Yellowstone. I'm thinking of camping two nights in Yellowstone because I don't know if I'll ever be back.

I bought a tent for $30 on From the reviews, I surmised that I can set it up alone and in less than 20 minutes and it was on sale and normally priced at like $50, so it's a pretty cheap tent, but it should last me through my cross-country trip. I already own a nice tent, but I don't have it with me.

I'm trying to think of other things I might need for my car camping, aside from flashlight(s) and a tarp. I don't want to buy a whole lot, and just need the essentials for camping. I am also trying to be frugal about this. Any ideas, let me know.

Road trip advice I received. Verify, help, edit?  

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I posted on a travel forum that I wanted to hit Wisconsin, N. Dakota and S. Dakota. So, this is what someone wrote to me (see below)...and I thought it would also be cool to FINALLY see Yellowstone. Adding in S. Dakota and Yellowstone only adds about 7-8 hours onto my trip and only a few hundred miles. So, what do ya'll think? Rob, I'd love to see you in Minnesota.

To get to Minneapolis from Chicago you take Interstate 94 or 90 (90 is shorter, but you take 94 if you want to go through Milwaukee) until you get to Madison, Wisconsin.

At this point both Interstates are the same road until you get to the city of Tomah.

At this point you have to stay on Interstate 94 to go to Minneapolis.From Minneapolis, stay on I-94 to Bismarck, North Dakota (the capital), then go south from there on North Dakota state highway 6 to the state line.

This road then becomes South Dakota state highway 63, which you stay on south to Interstate 90. Go west on that just a few miles to Badlands National Prk, Rapid City, and Mount Rushmore.

P.S. The reason you go to North Dakota first and then South Dakota second is that all the good stuff to see in South Dakota is in the western part of the state (and you are coming into those states from the eastern side).From Mount Rushmore go north to Deadwood and the wild west area of South Dakota, then continue west into Wyoming and visit the Custer's Last Stand site just north of Sheridan.

From there it's west on Highway 14 to Yellowstone, then north to Glacier National Park if you want (or skip both and just stay on I-90 to I-94 at Billings, Montana)--and then on west through Idaho and into Spokane and on to Seattle.


My romance is winding down.  

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My romance with the east coast that is. I LOVE D.C., but that love mainly consists of loving the monuments, museums-all the touristy stuff. The weather during the summer is hellish and it can be expensive using the subway for transportation. Having a car out here can truly suck because parking and traffic are nasty. The economy, meh. There are so many educated and experienced people here that companies and organizations can afford to pay low wages. In many respects, the economy in Seattle and surrounding areas is superior.

I truly miss New England and everything about it. If I had the money to rent a place in Maine on the beach, I would do so in a second. I miss the smell of the ocean, lighthouses, the beaches, the history, the town halls in NEW HAMPSHIRE, the people-the amazing people and their accents. I miss the snow, I miss seeing presidential candidates daily. I miss being in love and by that I mean being in love with where I was at. So close to so much. One hour to Boston, one hour to Vermont, one hour to Maine, 45 minutes to the coast, 40 minutes to the Mass. border. A few hours from New York City. Ahhhhh!!! That, my friends, is one of the biggest differences between the east and west. Everything is so close out here and I LOVE THAT. But I can't love it enough because I don't have the funds to see everything that is close. And this plays into my decision to move. Being so close to things doesn't mean much when you can't trave to those things.

I've been on the outside of politics for the last few weeks and I've found it surprisingly delightful. I still read Politico daily and want to keep up with the general political happenings. It's been nice to refocus on what's important. Last night I was laying in bed and it hit me. My job dominated my life far too much and I lost track and focus of things that deserved my attention. Hopefully my next job won't present the same time and mental challenges to having a well-balanced life.

Well, there goes my savings.  

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So my car got some work done today and today was just the beginning. I need four new tires, new front brake pads and rotors, and my rear struts MIGHT be leaking. If they are, I will send the meanest letter to Nissan. It would be completely ridiculous for them to be leaking this early. And my warranty just ran out last month! sigh.

My rotors are rusty and warped. Too rusty to be able to be turned, so they need to be replaced. It's something I can't hold off on until I get to Seattle, I need to do it before I leave. Same with the tires. With the drive home costing so much in gas and tolls, I'll be broke by the time I reach Seattle. In case you are wondering, yes I got two opinions. I might go to a third place and see if my rotors can be turned, just because I want to be absolutely sure they can't be before I fork out $400+ dollars for new rotors and brake pads, especially since my brake pads are only 40% worn.

My car has been a champ up until now and I do feel lucky there isn't more needing to be done.

I want credit.  

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For the last several months, I've tracked Republican presidential candidates. The campaign I was on would disburse the videos to various blogs (Crooks and Liars) and websites (Brave New Films) as well as members of the press. One of my videos that I got at a private town hall at Rice University was used to alert the folks at Countdown with Keith Olbermann that McCain had goofed on the Shiite-Iran connection on yet another instance. Olbermann ran a segment with that video of McCain screwing up. Thanks to me.

My videos and audio I got from videos was also used in commercials for the campaign I was on, Campaign to Defend America (go here for one where multiple videos I shot were used), and a commercial did, which you can view here. I never got credit outside of the campaign, but I want to give myself credit now. My videos are still being used and dammit, I'm gonna take credit each time they pop up. You can go to this link for the youtube page of the campaign I was on and view hundreds of videos, a majority of which are mine.

If you watch a video under the last link to the IssueAlliance youtube page and want to know if I shot it, click on the "more info" link in the video description box and look for a label. If the label contains "JC", which stands for my name, then I shot the video. Here is one example you can see where "JC" is listed under the "label."

The anticipation is building.  

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The last few days I've really been thinking about moving back to Seattle and the drive. On one hand, I'm super excited about the drive. On the other, I'm nervous and impatient that I even have to make the drive. I'm really thinking I'll aim for 7-10 hours each day.

The places I'd like to stop and smell the roses, so to speak are Chicago, Billings (my friend's parents live there), Coeur d'Alene, Wisconsin, and maybe Minnesota. I'm sure the Dakota's will be a bore, but it will still be exciting because I've never been to those two states. When I get to Minneapolis, I'll have to get off I-90 and take a different highway if I want to go through South Dakota. I'm not sure if this other highway (not sure which one it is) takes me near Mt. Rushmore, but if so, I'm definitely stopping there. I could stay on I-90 and make a little detour and hit the corner of S. Dakota, but I'm not sure if I can do that and if it would be efficient.

I'm pretty nervous about fitting everything into my car. I bought a little refrigerator I'll have to sell and a tv, which I am NOT selling, as well as acquiring some clothes since I've moved here, but I'll most likely have to ship some boxes home. I was thinking it would be fun to buy a tent that is super easy to setup and then camping my way back to Seattle, but I'm not sure that's doable.

I emailed my dad to see if he could mail me a small gun that I could have on the way back for protection. I have a bb gun and some knives (swiss army types) but I'd feel better if I had a gun as well, especially since I'll most likely need some naps in the car to keep me going. Thoughts?

I miss you, Gilligan!  

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Alright, I did it. I'm tacky?  

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Ok, before you do anything else, read the post I just made below. Now you can read this. I've decided to add a donation button to my blog (look to the right) in case anyone feels so inclined and would like to donate to my journey back to Seattle. If I don't decide to go back, any donations will be returned, but I highly doubt I'll stay out here. If you do donate and have a special request tied to the donation (pictures, a post, a public thank you, etc), let me know. With gas prices, I'm anticipating paying around $600 in gas and tolls. A few motel nights thrown in there, buying food and snacks for the road, and the trip could easily reach $1000.

Life in Bush's America and this Bush economy is frighteningly expensive.

The Seattleite Continues Mulling a Return to Seattle.  

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So I've continued mulling over whether I want to step up my job search and return to Seattle. I've felt very torn over the decision, but I feel that my growing desire to settle down somewhere will only increase as the weeks and months pass by. I'm in a financial position where I can afford to drive back to Seattle (with gas prices this will be an expensive drive) and take a little bit longer to get back, unless I get a job offer relatively soon.

It's a 41+ hour drive, and I'll be driving through 2 states I've never been to (North Dakota and Wisconsin) and I would like to hit South Dakota, if it's not too far out of the way (leaving only Alaska and Oklahoma as the only two states I haven't seen). I am hoping to do about 8-10 hours a day, making it a 4 day trip, but also take some time to smell the roses so maybe another day or two? I will also be going through Billings, Montana, and one of my good friends is from there and I would love to see her parents and the remodeling they've done to their house. I would also love to spend some time in Coeur d'Alene.

Call me tacky, but I kinda want to put a donation form on this blog in case anyone is inclined to donate a bit of money for me if I do make the drive. I can reward said donations with lots of pretty pics of the journey and updates along the way!

When I drove from Vegas to New Hampshire, I slept in my car, except one night when I was in Nebraska and my friend Noah let me stay at his place and I got his big king sized bed all to myself!!! Thanks, Noah! So, I really want to treat myself and stay in motels on the way.

The way things are looking is that I will stay in DC for the next few weeks as I've already paid the rent for this month and I can continue applying for jobs in Seattle and do some of the touristy things I've never had time for.

Today I'm taking my car to get everything checked over, fluids replaced, maybe new tires, whatever is needed to make her run good. Fingers crossed for a small bill. She was a champ on my first cross-country trip and I'm hoping she continues if I make the drive back.

Lastly, I'm thinking of heading to the national mall for fireworks on the 4th. I'll be alone, but that's ok.

'I hated the world. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder.'  

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I'm not sure if you've all seen the new Visa commercial featuring Derek Redmond. The athlete who tore his hamstring during a 400 meter race, fell to the ground in pain, then got up and continued running, with the assistance of his father. In case you haven't, watch it above.

The transcript to the video follows: "Derek Redmond didn't finish in first place in the 1992 400 meter. He didn't finish in 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th. He, and his father, finished dead last. But he, and his father, finished."

Wordle=Awesome Website.  

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Wordle is a website I discovered through Rosie O'Donnell's website. Go there and have some fun! Here is what I created using some of my favorite quotes!