Mother Teresa Quote of the Week.  

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A friend of mine had an amazing quote by Mother Teresa up on her quote of the week last week. In case you haven't realized, Mother Teresa has many many good quotes, so I would like to introduce a new feature on my blog: Mother Teresa Quote of the Week.

When I run out of Mother Teresa quotes, I think I'll move to Martin Luther King Jr., then Gandhi, JFK, and so on and so forth, in no particular order, mind you. If you have any suggestions, be it a person, or a specific quote, drop it in the comments. I have a huge collection of quotes and have always found comfort in them.

Let's start out with a Mother Teresa classic and one quote we should all live by.

"If you judge people, you have no time to love them."

Growing up in the Mormon Church, I heard talks and lessons all the time about not judging people. I suspect a lot of people growing up active in a religion heard similar admonitions. But still, it's so difficult to not judge. I suspect it's one of those battles we never win.


That's a great one! I couldn't agree more!!

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