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I just watched an episode of "30 Days," where someone is placed into an home/place that is contradictory to their beliefs, lifestyle, upbringing, etc. It is very good and interesting and I definitely recommend watching it.

The episode on tonight (rerun) had a conservative woman go and live with two men who are gay and the children they are foster parents of (maybe adoptive? I missed the first 15 minutes) . This woman obviously believed that gay people should not be allowed to marry, enter into civil unions, adopt, or even be a foster parent. It was a very difficult episode to watch.

Many people who are opposed to gay marriage will usually, upon learning of the over 1000 rights granted to couples who marry, be open to civil unions. If only because they believe in the foundations of this country; freedom and equality. It isn't special rights that gay people want, they simply want what I can get if I were to marry a man, over 1000 rights dealing with property, taxes, insurance, Social Security, etc.

Many gay couples have been together for more years than we can imagine and yet if one of them is hospitalized, their partner won't have the same rights that a married straight couple has who have been married for a day, a month, a year, or more. It just isn't right and there is no rational argument against civil unions. For the record, I support gay marriage, but realize that civil unions will be much easier to accomplish.

It isn't just civil unions where a compromise could and should be made. Our foster care system has many problems. Many children bounce from house to house (many of these houses are filled with abuse, neglect, hunger, extreme poverty, and more). Many of these children have never known the embrace of a parent who cares for them, or a family dinner around a kitchen table, or a adult figure helping them with homework, a parent watching them practice soccer, cheering them on in a basketball game, or smiling from ear to ear as they sing in the choir at school. When you think about how many children are never given these life experiences, it is heartbreaking and frankly, SHAMEFUL.

My heart breaks even more when I think about how many gay couples long to foster and/or adopt these children. Most of these gay couples will provide stability that these kids will never experience, love these children dream about every night, and support that will ease their worries and calm their hearts and allow them to experience what every person should experience, a happy childhood.

But unfortunately, many people do not believe that gay parents will provide good homes and so these children are forced to suffer. Suffer because of misconceptions, lies, distortions, homophobia, and fear. No person or couple who can provide a good home to a child/ren, should be denied that opportunity based on their sexual orientation. NEVER.

One day, I truly believe, we will live in a country that allows everyone EQUAL rights. I rest easy knowing I was on the right side of this issue. Will you?


thanks for sharing jessica! a good friend of mine just adopted two beautiful twins from india with his partner--i can't imagine more loving, caring and thoughtful parents...

You are exactly right. Some of the best parents out there are gay parents.

A professor I had at BYU-Idaho shared a study with me that was published in a scholarly journal that basically showed that children of gay parents turn out very well. Daughters are more likely to go into more male dominated fields, such as engineering, science, and math. I should dig up that paper and blog about it.

Remember the special about Rosie's cruise? There were so many really nice families that had adopted kids. You could tell the kids were all really well adjusted.

Yes, that was a very good documentary. The hardships children of gay parents face are primarily caused by other children and/or adults who ridicule them because their parents are gay.

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