Better late than never...  

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On my flight to Seattle on the 23rd, I sat next to a cute guy who was playing his Nintendo DS. He was playing this dart game and I think a bowling game that caught my eye. I thought it would be fun to have a Nintendo DS, even though I own the Nintendo Advance and don't play it as often as I should (I am terrible at video games, even on the classic Nintendo system, though I love Zelda and Mario Bros.).

So when I arrived home and my mom told me she needed more ideas, I mentioned a DS, thinking there was no way and they are probably too expensive. Well they are only $129.99 and my mom still wanted to spend what the DS would cost plus more. When I decided I really wanted the DS, we called every store in town to see where we could get the DS. EVERYONE WAS SOLD OUT. My last ditch effort included calling a Circuit City that was about 20 minutes away and being told they had a few left. I got into a car and drove down there as fast as I could. By the time I arrived, they were sold out. On Circuit City's website you can check the availability of an item, and the DS was sold out of every Circuit City within an hour of where I live (I think that included about 5-6 Circuit City stores).

My mom told me to have patience because she was sure I could get one tuesday. I didn't. I called numerous stores daily (Wal-Mart , Circuit City, Best Buy , Target, Fred Meyer, the little game stores in malls)...Everyone was sold out until I called today, on a whim. It is my last full day here in Seatown and I thought I would make one last phone call to a store I really don't care for, Best Buy. When I called, the guy who finally picked up said that they just received some.

I got my brother to drive me and got my DS! Finally...after 8 days of frustration. However, the 8 days were useful in that I decided I didn't really want the white one, or the pink one, because the pink is like a coral pink and dullish and the black looks sleeker and way cooler. I also found that dart game I wanted and was able to learn more about the games and accessories I would want to buy.
So, I got my big Christmas gift a little bit later than I wanted, but better late than never.


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