Sleepless in Seattle  

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Let me just say that I am deeply saddened that the Mormon Church is spending $20 million dollars in California for Proposition 8. I support equal rights and I don't believe that discrimination should be legal. I can't help but think of what that $20 million dollars could do. How many hungry children it could feed. How many widows could have heat this winter. How many vaccines could be given. Heartbreaking.

As we wind down the last few days of this election season, I am feeling lots of relief. This election season has been going on for me for over a year! This also means that as of Tuesday, I'll be unemployed. Perfect timing because I have a lot to do with my new place and I want to apply to the University of Washington. Yes, I wanna go back to school. But that topic is for another day.

Did you know there are NEW Unsolved Mysteries shows on? They are shown on Spike TV with a different host and it isn't quite as good as it used to be, but still okay to watch.

If you haven't voted yet, I urge you not to vote for Dino Rossi. He is a horrible piece of garbage and is already breaking his campaign promises!

UPDATE: Ok, I used very very very poor wording. The Mormon Church itself did not donate money to Proposition 8, they just asked every Mormon to donate, and approximately 77% of the money used to support Prop 8 came from Mormons. Sorry for the bad wording, not sure what I was thinking.

Greetings from Seattle!  

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Well, I've been spending the last few days moving things from Federal Way to Seattle. Things have gone relatively well, except my beloved couch I picked out at Macy's couldn't fit into the elevator or the stairwell. 

After much thought, I have decided to get the identical loveseat that is a bit shorter. But, it won't be here for another month. However, the matching chair and ottoman get here this Friday! I am trying to decide if I want to rent a loveseat for a few weeks or just wait it out. I think I'll wait it out.

The view from the condo I'm renting is magnificent. Words can't describe and pictures don't do it justice. 

I'm gonna keep this short, but be on the lookout from pictures of my new place, my write up of the Al Gore-Chris Gregoire fundraiser I attended, and my thoughts on really truly living in Seattle and not just a "bedroom community" of Seattle.

And if you haven't voted yet, don't vote for Dino Rossi. The group I work for has been successful and Dino will be deposed this Wednesday. He is a crook, a liar, and scum. 

For the Love of God, Do NOT Vote for Dino Rossi.  

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I swear to God, if Dino wins I will move out of this state. It has been said that how one runs a campaign is how one would govern. If that is true for Dino Rossi, then everyone in Washington should be shaking in their shoes. He runs a campaign that uses fear and intimidation against anyone they perceive won't vote for him, including women. 

This is a man who holds very few public events, and when he holds them, he intimidates people who try to take pictures, audio, or video, including using physical force. I have yet to see him take a question from a member of the public. He wants to be our Governor, yet he won't take our questions? Even John McCain would take questions from people who knew weren't happy with him. 

He has connections to groups that have broken the law and are under investigation by the Republican Attorney General in Washington. He has been bought and paid for by special interests. 

Governor Gregoire is no saint, but she has fought hard to give health insurance to poor children, give more funding to better our schools, and make our air and water cleaner. 

For those of who who point to our deficit, we don't have a deficit. Under the Washington State Constitution, you cannot have a deficit, our government must balance the budget and not carry a deficit. 

If you haven't voted yet, don't vote for Dino Rossi. He is as conservative as George W. Bush, he is no friend to anyone who doesn't agree with him 100%, and he has engaged in highly questionable behavior, including grabbing an underage female's behind while he was a State Senator. 

Do NOT Vote for Dino Rossi.  

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This message is for my friends and family especially, but also for anyone who has the chance to vote for Dino Rossi. DO NOT DO IT. As my friend, family member, neighbor, or blog reader, do not vote for this man. 

Listen, I know people aren't too thrilled with Governor Gregoire. She doesn't have the warmest personality, she got a little too excited with state spending, and she hasn't lived up to expectations. But, she is dealing with a mess that is almost unheard of. 

This country is in the midst of a widescale and profound recession, deepened by our involvement in a endless war that costs this country, including Washington State, over $10 billion dollars a month. A MONTH. Ten BILLION. No state in this country is immune from this national and now international economic crisis. 

As a sex abuse victim, I am horrified that Dino Rossi and his associates would use the fear of sex offenders as a campaign tactic. The fact is that since Governor Gregoire became Governor, the number of "missing" sex offenders has decreased. The fact is that many law enforcement officials have come forward and said that Governor Gregoire has done much to catch, find, and track sex offenders. I am proud of what she has done and I am proud that I will cast my first Washington State ballot precisely so I can vote for her. 

Check in this weekend for my personal encounter with Dino Rossi and hear how his campaign and Dino Rossi himself uses fear and intimidation tactics to scare women (this happened to me tonight).

Betty White calls Sarah Palin a crazy bitch.  

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Gladys Knight Supports Barack Obama!  

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I was just watching Extra and they were interviewing Gladys Knight and she said she supports Barack Obama for President. For those who don't know, Gladys Knight is a Mormon

The reason I find this so funny and ironic is that a lot of Mormons would joke that since a woman, a black person, and a Mormon were running for President, why don't we just nominate Gladys Knight since she was all three! Funny, except I know a lot of those Mormons who made that joke that would be shocked to find out Gladys Knight supports Obama. 

No Houseboat for me...  

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So my parents and I went and looked at the houseboat I was wanting to rent last night. It was cute, but very very small. And the only views it offered were of other houseboats and some sailboats. I felt like I was fine if I got it and fine if I didn't. I received an email this morning saying the person renting it had already rented it out for a year, so it's not mine.

I've decided to refocus my search for housing to condo's in Seattle. My coworkers tell me lower Queen Anne would be a great spot to look and one of my coworkers is telling me Eastlake.

I am going to go look at a condo today during my lunch hour that is in Queen Anne. Fingers crossed for finding something soon.

CNN: Palin Has Never Seen Russia From Alaska  

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