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Non-political blog and if you don't have time to read everything, at least check out the pics. This woman has adopted a coyote and who knew coyote's were cute!?!

So check it out! The Daily Coyote.

Hillary hostage situation in New Hampshire.  

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Is unfortunate, scary, and a reminder that Hillary brings out the crazy in people. I've received many phone calls, emails, and texts asking me if I am okay.

First off, I do not work for Hillary Clinton, so I am not involved. I was offered a job with her campaign in Nevada but elected to stay with my current job because I love it so much. And, Hillary isn't my first choice and it just wouldn't be right to work for her at this point in time.

Secondly, I work about 30 minutes away in Concord, right across the street from the beautiful, historic state capital.

My thoughts and prayers are with the hostages, the Clinton campaign and staff, and those in Rochester, which is an adorable little town. Didn't think it was 30,000k in population though, it's very small.

Republican Debate, 2 hours of pure heaven.  

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I thought Mitty and Giu might start throwing some punches. I cannot stand Giu, but boy did I love him when he started talking about the sanctuary mansion in Mass (referring to the fact that illegal immigrants worked for Mitty).

I thought it was hilarious that Mr. Sexy (Andersoon Cooper) brought up the Politico breaking story about Giu billing obscure agencies for travel that very well could've been travel for Giu to visit his mistress at the time. Ok, really, is there any doubt he was using these trips to visit his mistress?

Tancredo and Hunter should just drop out. Ron Paul keeps receiving applause for advocating that our troops withdraw from Iraq (not surprising, a majority of Republicans favor a pullout within 6 months). McCain is serious and presidential and schooled Mitty for not taking a stand against torture in the form of waterboarding. I mean, the Mormon Church has spoken out against torture (they have basically said it is never okay) and yet Mitty can't agree?

Huck (Mike Huckabee) will continue his climb in the polls and could very well be an upset winner in Iowa and South Carolina and maybe more.

Thompson is half-dead but still provided some enjoyment with his ad going after Mitty and Huck and when the cartoon Dick Cheney asked a question, Thompson's response was AWESOME!!! Hmmm, can't find a youtube video of it.

So all in all, I would have to say this has been, by far, the best debate. Thank you, Republicans, for trying to eat eachother alive.

Republican debate in 44 minutes.  

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CNN/Youtube debate is starting in 44 minutes. Watch it. I will be. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The realization of aloneness.  

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As we get closer and closer to Christmas, the realization that I will be spending it alone becomes more and more real. The benefits of moving around a lot and to diverse places come with a lot of costs. I love the Christmas season; the movies, Christmas lights, music, decorations, shopping, the kindness of people that is made more manifest, and just the overall feeling. But you can only enjoy all of the aforementioned so much when you are forced to celebrate it alone.

So, I anticipate celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas much the same as Thanksgiving. Getting a hotel room in city/town I enjoy and trying to relax a bit and hoping that next year, it won't be like this.

Now before everyone starts feeling really sorry for me, don't. Being alone on holidays comes with the territory of this type of work. I know that I am sacrificing for something greater than enjoying the holidays fully. I am living an adventure and adventures aren't supposed to be all kicks and giggles.

Work and New Hampshire.  

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I've been pretty busy with work. In fact, I worked all day Saturday and Sunday and I think I ended up working 42 out of the 48 hours. So, I don't even know that I can post something noteworthy. I was in some parts of New Hampshire I haven't been to yet, like Hampton, which is a gorgeous town. It's pretty popular during the summer as it is on the coast, but during the late fall and winter, it is nearly dead. Lots of the coastal towns and touristy places in the state and New England area are like this.

We had a good snow last week but it went away after a few days. This morning I had to hit the road early in the morning and there was this really slippery slush that had fallen. The snow here is much thicker and heavier than Idaho. When it's cold, it feels much colder than Idaho. A bitter bitter cold. You will look outside and think you are okay to go without gloves, or an extra layer or two and then realize you should've work long john pants under your jeans. You don't get that in Idaho, so it's been an interesting learning experience.

Alone on Thanksgiving.  

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This year I didn't go back to Seattle for Thanksgiving because I thought I would be able to for Christmas. With my new job duties, it looks like I may be stuck here for Christmas and so my holidays might be spent completely alone. Last year I was stuck in Pocatello alone, but I was able to visit one of my best friends in the hospital and I knew for sure I was going home for Christmas.

So, rather than continue feeling sorry for myself, I reminded myself of where I have been in the last 3 weeks;



New Jersey


North Country of New Hampshire (the northern and mountainous parts that are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful and remind me of the areas near Yellowstone National Park)

Washington D.C.

and I finally made it to Vermont, which is BEAUTIFUL!

So, my life is pretty sweet, even though I won't have a Thanksgiving dinner and will be by myself in a hotel room in Portsmouth (I decided to hole myself up in a hotel on the coast near Maine because I got a great deal and I would rather be here than in Concord).

So...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Think of me when you are biting into a delicious slice of turkey, eating some mashed potatos, eating a slice of pie, and sitting down with your loved ones.

2006 Election Reflections in Idaho.  

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It seems like just yesterday that many of us in Idaho experienced political heartbreak. Political heartbreak in Idaho is certainly something we are used to, but each time it happens, it isn't any easier than the time before. But still, we had cause to celebrate. Democrats took control of the US House AND US Senate.

However, as happy as I was for the individual Democrats in other states who worked their asses off to win their respective races, I was devastated that people I personally knew and respected had lost in Idaho. Idaho voters elected a man barely qualified to be a janitor in a school as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho (the ENTIRE STATE school system), only because he had an (R) after his name. Idaho voters elected a total loon as one of our Congressional representatives and Idaho voters didn't elect one of the finest men in this country.

As I mentioned above, voters elected a man who completely embarrasses the state of Idaho (but not as much as Larry Craig has). His opponent, Larry Grant, was an appealing Democrat who offered a message that spoke to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. He only lost by a few percentage points but this loss has caused a lot of drama in the political world in Idaho.

Anonymous sources have claimed that Grant dropped the ball, so to speak. He didn't take good advice, he made bad decisions, he did this, he did that, he didn't do this, he didn't do that. I've remained an observer of this, mostly because Larry Grant ran for an office in the other congressional district, not the one I lived in. But with Grant recently posting a response on New West, I can't help but put in my two cents.

I know that Grant's campaign had flaws. Every campaign has flaws. First time campaigners make mistake after mistake-it just comes with the territory. But I do think what has happened is a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking. If Grant's campaign was as bad as it sounds, then it's pretty miraculous he came so close to winning. I happen to believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the two sides we are being presented with. I do wish to commend Larry Grant on facing the firing squad (see the comments to his article on New West) on New West. A lot of people would avoid exposing themselves like that.

Larry Grant is running for the same seat again but faces a tough primary with two formidable opponents, Rand Lewis and Walt Minnick. Without all of the drama surrounding the last election, I highly doubt two prime opponents would have entered the race, but you just never know. So....may the best man win and let's get the popcorn popped to see this exciting primary in Idaho!!!

Gov. Mitt Romney is mean.  

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Do I even need to mention that he has flip-flopped, according to some estimates, 26 times, including on some of the biggest issues out there????

Let's hope he flip flops on medical marijuana because there is no reason people should have to suffer when marijuana can alleviate some of that suffering.

I have even heard that many bishops will not withhold someone's temple recommend if their doctor prescribes marijuana.

I'm alive and thriving!  

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Sorry it has been a few days since my last posting. I have been driving all over New Hampshire and when I say "all over," I mean all freaking over. I think I put about 600 miles on my car and for New Hampshire that means you drove the entire state.

My travels had me passing through parts of Vermont a few times (I had lunch there on Saturday) and I was pretty happy to finally see Vermont. I spent a day+ in the "North Country" of New Hampshire, which is upper New Hampshire. I saw my first New Hampshire snow and drove through a snowstorm! My car is a champ, I must say, and did well with the snow. I was up in the White Mountain National Forest and it is gorgeous! So gorgeous I would love to spend a weekend holed up in some cabin surrounded by forest and snow, but I doubt that will happen. :(

Sunday morning before I started work, I attended a roundtable discussion with Elizabeth Edwards. I think I should devote an entire post to that because it was pretty cool and she is so amazing.

Let Me Make This Official.  

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I am endorsing John Edwards for President. The reasons? So many I don't even know if enough time exists for me to adequately explain why he must get the nomination and be elected the next President of the United State of America.

So, I think what I will do is a series of posts explaining why I support John Edwards for President. I think in this series I will also include the concerns people have about Edwards so I can address them. I don't want this to just be a love fest for JRE. But, I think providing the full picture of JRE will help people understand why I support him.

Am I Famous Now?  

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So my favorite t-shirt has gotten me some attention. First I was interviewed at the John Edwards townhall, then my picture was posted on this website.

So, head on over to and scroll down a bit and see if you can spot my mug. WEBSITE!  

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"PolitiFact is a project of the St. Petersburg Times and Congressional Quarterly to help you find the truth in the presidential campaign. Every day, reporters and researchers from the Times and CQ will analyze the candidates' speeches, TV ads and interviews and determine whether the claims are accurate."

John Edwards - Iowa Jefferson Jackson Dinner  

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The speech of his life. I highly recommend.

Quote of the day!  

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"The children the world almost break become the adults who save it." Frank Warren from Postsecret.

I was quoted...  

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I attended the John Edwards event with my t-shirt and was quoted in the University of New Hampshire's student newspaper:

Jessica Cavalieri, 26, wore a baby blue t-shirt that said, "John Edwards is goooood." She had seen him 10 times before and supports him because she believes he "has policy ideas that'll help us get back on the right track," including a "safe and responsible [plan] to withdraw troops from Iraq," she said.

Rest of article is here.

Greetings from Newark, New Jersey!  

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I am at the airport in Newark on a layover. Today I am flying into Baltimore, where I will take the train into D.C. I will be in D.C. until Saturday afternoon for some training. I'm pretty stoked to go back to D.C., though I won't have much time for sightseeing, it is just nice to be there to soak up some political energy because New Hampshire is completely devoid of that...not.

I Met Hillary Clinton !!! (picture with me and Hillary)  

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So I traveled an hour to see another Hillary Clinton town hall. This time I was in Peterborough, New Hampshire. I got there an hour before the doors were opening and was still far back in line. My heart broke thinking I wouldn't be close enough to at least shake her hand again. However, my seat ended up being three rows back but on the side. After her and Bob Vila spoke (yes, the Bob Vila who fixes up houses), I was left a few feet from where I needed to be to actually shake her hand....sadness.

But, having attended so many candidate events, I have a little strategy, so I waited and then went to the other side and got my picture with the Senator.

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Edwards is Good! (picture with me and JRE!)  

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Heard him in Durham, New Hampshire at the University of New Hampshire and his speech was one of the best I have heard. Probably second best to the one he gave in a Keene a few weeks ago. He is amazing. He saw my shirt and pumped his fist (as if saying, hell yeah!) and then he shook my hand afterwards and said, "Love the shirt." To which I replied, "I love it too." He then took a picture with me a few minutes later after I asked him!


I Met Rudy Giuliani! (pictures included)  

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Heard him speak today in Manchester at St. Anselm's College. His stump speech and answers to the town hall questions were frightening. However, he has some decent positions...for a Republican.

I thought his twelve commitments were interesting and they totally pander to the right-wing. I think his staff warned him about continuing his assault on Hillary as he attacked all of the Dem candidates as a whole and specifically mentioned not just Hillary, but Obama and Edwards.

I found Giuliani's answers and speech to be misleading, dishonest, full of lies, half-truths and distortions. Frankly I was surprised at how bad it really was.

His wife is beautiful! I told her so and immediately after I told her, I asked him to take a picture with me, which he did, of course, I complimented his wife for heaven't sake!

I think Rudy would be an okay president. Far better than GWB, but not nearly as good as any of the Democrats running. I think Rudy as Mayor of NYC is a lot better than the Rudy running now trying to be more and more Conservative.

Forgive the picture with Rudy. I wasn't wearing any makeup and have on one of my infamous beanies.

Washington D.C., here I come.  

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I haven't been to DC since January of 2005 when I traveled there for the counter-inauguration events for George W. Bush. I only had a few days and my feet have never had such a workout so I didn't see all the sites I wanted to. When I leave on Thursday for DC it will be for training, but I am still hoping to visit the Lincoln Memorial, which I didn't get to before. I could physically see it, but my feet couldn't take me there. :(

My hotel will be only about 2 blocks from the White House, so I will be pretty close to a lot of neat things. Any suggestions would be appreciated, but keep in mind I have seen Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, the White House (just outside though!), the Holocaust Museum, and maybe some other places I have forgotten...? My free time might only be at night as well.

I have a post planned for later, hopefully. I met Rudy Giuliani today (oh the irony considering what I will be doing for my new job!) and got a picture with him and his beautiful wife. So expect that tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I can find the cord to connect my camera to my laptop.

New link to check out.  

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My friend Lisa has started blogging. We met when we were assigned to be roommates at Ricks College in September of 2000. Polar opposites in so many ways, it took a few months before we became friends and oh did we become friends, best friends even. The differences between people can be forgotten when you share certain things in common. And what we shared in common bonded us and has made our differences not just okay, or tolerable, but celebrated.

We aren't as close as we once were, mainly because our lives are so vastly different. She is married with two kids, lives in Missouri, and is pretty conservative politically. I am single, politics is my life, I live in New England, and I think George W. Bush is the worst president EVER. But still, we email, occasionally text, facebook, and every now and then I call her because sometimes I miss her voice.

I just think she is amazingly wonderful and if the world was filled with Lisa's, it would be an awesome place. Even awesomer if it was filled with liberal Lisa's. ;)

So if you want to see THE perfect family (hoping that gets an eye roll from Moon), check out her blog.

Just when you least expect it...  

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So I have been working here in New Hampshire since September 10th and have enjoyed my job. I have some great people that I work with and it has been a great learning experience. So you can imagine how I felt when my boss emailed me and asked me to call her if I was interested in an "opportunity." A little surprised, nervous, but very excited...

After a phone call, a job interview, another phone call, and some emails, I have accepted this opportunity and will start my new job very very soon. I will be going to Washington D.C. in a few days for training!!! I don't want to get into the details because I don't want to compromise my job or anything I will be doing. Let me just say the job is with the same campaign, I will have the same amazing boss, but doing some pretty different things until the primary in New Hampshire (which will most likely be January 8th). After the primary, I am not really sure what will happen, or what I will be doing.

You are more than welcome to email me and I can tell you more about my new job or you can ask my mom.

Hair, Hillary, Mitt, Job Status, and War and Peace...  

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This morning I was thinking about how today will be the first time I use my blow dryer in New Hampshire. Crazy, huh? Since I moved here on September 10th, I have just let my hair air dry. The humidity allows me to do that and maintain some decent hairstyles. But I got it cut the other day and it is a bit too short for me to do that. So, I have to blow dry and straighten it now.

I am expecting news in next day or two about a possible job change. Same campaign, different job. I interviewed for it yesterday and I know I would do a fantastic job, but the decision isn't mine. I'll let you all know if I get the job, but I won't be posting much about it, if anything. I will continue posting about my day to day activities.

As of last night, Mitty still had a picture with me in it up on his website. My friend Liz, who LOVES her some Mitty, gets a kick out of it and told me I have to vote for him now. My reply? "I don't support people who support torturing human beings. Torture is wrong. Always." Mitty has said he would like to double the size of Guantanomo (Gitmo) Bay and he represents so much of what I dislike about the Republican Party (this excitement to go to war and kill thanks).

Spencer W. Kimball, who was a prophet in the Mormon Church years and years ago, stated that we are a "warlike people"-that we put our faith and trust in weapons rather than in God. I can't help but feel that Mitty is just like every other warlike person and rather than relying on God to deliver us, he relies on Halliburton, KBR, Boeing, etc...All of my feelings in regards to war and peace stem from my religious beliefs, btw.

Hillary Clinton is filing in New Hampshire. After she files, she will hold a rally in front of the statehouse, which is oh so close to where I work (right across the street!!!)-it's pretty awesome. A co-worker and I will be there trying to get people to sign a petition and handing out yard signs. I will then, most likely, head over to Claremont where Hillary will be doing a meet and greet. No, a meet and greet doesn't mean you always get to meet the candidates. The drive to Claremont is a little over an hour and I do hope to meet her again, and this time, get photographic proof!

So, looks like it is time for me to crank up the 'ole blow dryer and try to look pirty for Hillary.