Sex and the City.  

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So I saw Sex and the City (SATC) today. I was going to see Iron Man, but it was sold out or something. I was a big fan of SATC. It took me a while to get used to the graphicness of SATC, but once I overcame the Mormonishness in me, I fell in love with the show. However, I haven't been too excited about the movie. I thought there was no way it could live up the hype and what the show was. Well, it did.

You laugh, you cry, you reflect, and you remember how important friends are.

It has a well deserved R-rating, so beware. But, if you like the tv show, go see the movie, it's well worth the money.

Thoughts on Hillary.  

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Having been a big Hillary fan and supporter, I've watched with interest as the primary election has continued on despite calls for her to drop out. I admire her grittiness and determination. I am glad she hasn't dropped out. The primary battle hasn't been the cleanest, but it hasn't been very dirty either.

This is a woman who has probably wanted to run for President her entire life and as each passing day occurs and the realization of her being the first female President slips farther and farther away, I can only imagine how she feels and I can only sympathize with the desperation she must cling to and rely on to not just stay in the race but stay relevant.

She's said some things that have been questionable but up until a few months ago she was running a near flawless campaign, though probably too cocky as they, her campaign, were unprepared for a battle past super Tuesday or even on super Tuesday. But how many people truly foresaw the Obamania? How many people truly believed any other candidate would stand a chance against Hillary? I mean there has to be some diehard Obama fans, but come on! Most people were resigned to the fact that no one could beat the Clinton machine or the chances would be slim and it would only happen if there was some major revelation that would destroy her campaign.

Next, despite some of the negative things about a long primary fight, I think it has been overwhelmingly positive for the Obama campaign and Democratic Party. I know others have pointed it out before, but how many Democrats, or Republicans, were able to start the general election with an organization in ALL 50 states??? That's what Obama is gonna have and might already have.

Not only does Obama have an organization in all 50 states, or will soon, but each state now has more registered voters, more excitement, better lists to work off of for GOTV work (get out the vote work) and all of that. I mean this is awesome awesome stuff for each Democratic state party!

The last great thing I've seen is that each state will be able to claim that its resident voted and their vote mattered (except Florida and Michigan). How much whining did we hear about how Iowa and New Hampshire were the only states that mattered, and maybe, maybe South Carolina and Nevada (and Florida for Rudy)??? That can't be claimed now. Idaho's vote mattered so much that Obama went to Boise for a rally that brought 15,000 people there to hear him speak!

So lastly I'd like to give some props to Hillary. The only thing harder than being President of the United States might be running for President. She has been under a microscope for years and subject to a level of scrutiny we cannot even imagine. Every word is analyzed, every move criticized, and everything questioned. Far more than the men who run, she has faced things, insults, and cruelty that nobody else has.

How would I have acted under the same circumstances? How would you have acted? I truly truly admire the fact that she can get up everyday, knowing she is fighting a losing battle, and hold her head up high. She is a fighter and I love that. Hillary, you have my respect.

Longggg week. Bought a new computer though!  

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So this past week I work I worked the 6am-3pm shift which required a wake up time of 4am. It totally sucked, but it was nice to get off at 3pm. Every night I was in bed and asleep by 9pm, but a few times I fell asleep right when I got home and woke up a few hours later, did some stuff, then went back to bed.

I decided to buy a new laptop because my current one is ginormous. I am still trying to sell my current one but am having some trouble because Fujitsu's aren't very well known. I bought the black Macbook and it is sweet! I use a Macbook at work so I don't really need to get familiar with a Mac.

So I'm sure you've all heard about Ted Kennedy. It's sad and a reminder of the preciousness of life. We know not when our time will come to move onto another world.

So the primary is almost over. I think Hillary will drop out in June. I'm currently thinking about who Obama will choose as a VP. Hillary, Richardson, Clark, Webb, maybe someone else??? Make a guess in the comments.

Because Hillary deserves this.  

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Obama is the candidate of change, but not all change is good.  

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So Obama is telling his donors to not give money to any third party groups. Most candidates do this sortof thing but he is taking it to new levels. I know he wants to change things, but third party groups can serve valuable roles and the one I work for is clean, ethical, and pretty kick ass. So when Obama tells donors to not give money to groups such as the one I work for, that can make it difficult for these groups to survive. And it isn't just Obama, it's his staffers, and they keep doing it.

So Obama, how about you stick to what you do best and try not to quicken my unemployment status? I was hoping to stall it until after the election, not when the general election is about to start.

As quickly as I returned home, I leave again.  

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Ok, not sure if the title makes sense. If not, I blame the flu my body is fighting. If so, awesome. My vacation in Seattle was short, but nice. I boarded a red eye flight on the 6th and flew back into the District and now find myself traveling back west by way of Philly, which is where I am at right now. I wouldn't have gone on a work trip so quickly and in the midst of this nasty flu if not for the chance to stay at home one night and see my family (hopefully), my dogs, and the puppies.

I skipped out on a work retreat that was in many ways a once in a lifetime opportunity because I felt that sick and knew I'd be on planes for several hours today (most likely 8+ hours by the time I get to Portland). I'll be in Portland for hopefully no longer than a day and then go to Seattle. I hope hope hope I get at least one night there. 2 nights would be heavenly. My family is in Cali for my sister's graduation, but if I can stay in Seattle tuesday night, I can at least see my mom for a few hours.

Well, I'm gonna sign off and attend to some business.

Update: Seattleite is alive and well in Seattle.  

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And getting lots of puppy love. Enjoy.