The end has come...  

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of my summer job and of Larry Craig's political career. What is next? No comment. But some of you who think you know may not actually know what my next step will be. And for Larry Craig, hopefully he resigns, as his Republican colleagues in the House AND Senate are calling on him to do.

I spent today entering data in, faxing in receipts and other things, and packing up my office. Now I am home packing up my room and moving my belongings to a common room so I can drive back to Idaho tonight. I am so excited to see my friends and to be in a cooler climate. But I am also excited for a little vacation. I need it. And I also have a lot to think about and decide upon in the next 2 days.

It will be strange to be homeless, as I most certainly will be the next week or so, but it feels the most strange not working to end this reckless War in Iraq. I loved the campaign, the message, the people, and even my bosses. I didn't quite realize how much I would learn about people and myself. I have a lot of growing to do, life lessons to learn, patience to acquire, skills to gain, and much much more, but I know that I am continuing to grow and mature each and every day.

Expect a wrap up of our big event last night, some pictures, and maybe an announcement in the next few days. Until then, wish me safe travels and good luck as one more liberal returns to Idaho to enjoy the destruction of another Republican's career! Congrats, Larry Craig, this is what happens when you live a lie and vote against equal rights.

Iraq Vet Calls on You toTake A STAND on Aug. 28th  

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Take A Stand day today. What are you doing to take a stand?

History will be made in Vegas and Idaho!  

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And I can't sleep! Nerves. Today is a historic day and I will be playing a part in it. As town halls and vigils are held all across this country, including Boise, Idaho, citizens will demand that our leaders stand with the people and end this war. Here in Las Vegas we have been working hard and placing pressure on Congressman Porter to end the war. The culimination of our work in Vegas takes place tonight as we gather together, listen to speakers, and ask Congressman Porter questions about Iraq. Of course he won't be there. He has never held a town hall, and refuses to meet with concerned constituents, including veterans and family members of soldiers in Iraq.

Just last week two military family members, one of which is a vet, were denied entry into a building to visit the Congressman by the building manager. The Congressman has an office that is paid for by taxpayer funds and constituents have every right to visit his office. These aren't trouble makers, these are people who simply want to know why their son, their brother, and sometimes why they themselves had to serve in an endless war.

The time is now, America. We must stand up and tell Congress and the White House that they must either vote to end this war or face political extinction.

Lightning pics and video from last night...  

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Remember the lightning I wrote about last night? Here is a video. Go here for pics.

Above is an actual pic from last night.

Thunder and lightning storm, a warning to Republicans?  

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I was sleeping peacefully tonight, in anticipation of 3 visits we will be making to Congressman Porter's office today for our last stakeout before our town hall meeting, and was abruptly awoken as thunder so loud and lightning to bright shakes North Las Vegas. I don't even know if I can describe in words how scary and loud it is! Enough for me to text my mom how freaked out I am even knowing I might wake her up at 2:43am. I swear looking out my bedroom window it felt as if the storm was within a mile or two, if that. Now it moves farther and farther away and using the method of counting seconds between the lightning and thunder and dividing by 5, tells me it is at least a few miles from here.

I seriously thought, and remember I am exhausted and half awake, with the loudness of the thunder, that bombs were being dropped in my neighborhood. It struck all around, as rain pounds the ground, and the sky is lit up. I have never felt nor heard such sound in my life.

Could mother nature be sending our elected leaders a message on the day before historic town halls and vigils are held? End this war? Maybe.

The past, present, and future.  

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In one week I hope to be back in Idaho for a few days seeing my friends and getting some things out of storage. It is bittersweet because it is the first time in 7 years, with the exception of one year, that I will not be starting school somewhere and being back in Pocatello, a place I lived in for 4 years will be a constant reminder of that fact. Even thinking about not going to Idaho State University and not taking any classes and not seeing familiar faces this year hurts...

The campaign, well the summer portion of it, ends in a few days and we have been busy phone banking to help crowd build for our ginormous (gigantic and enormous combined!) town hall on August 28th. Emails are going out to people from John Kerry, Harry Reid,,, Working Assets, USAction, and more. I am excited for the event and so excited to be done and have a few days off before I start my new campaign job...

Speaking of my new job, I am very excited. The next campaign I am working on is very structured and I know that will be a nice change from this campaign. I still have a lot to learn and I know this next campaign will teach me the science of campaign work as well as lots of other skills that will help me perfect my skill. I feel like this next job is a very smart move on my part and the candidate is a remarkable person that will make a fantastic President of the United States and I will get free medical and dental insurance, which is huge not just because we live in the richest country in the world with almost 50 million uninsured folks, but I have been one of them for the last year and a half and it will be wonderful to go to the Dr. when I am sick and not rely on someone else's antibiotics. :)

I Met Bill Richardson!  

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Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico, and Democratic candidate for President.
So, in the last 6 weeks I have met Barack Obama twice, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden, all candidates for President and all amazing. That only leaves Mike Gravel (no thanks on meeting him), Dennis Kucinich (could've met him yesterday but was busy), and Senator Hillary Clinton (something tells me ours paths will be crossing very soon).
Pretty sweet for a girl from Washington who is kinda a girl from Idaho who moved to the big city on July 1st.

I Met Senator Biden Today!  

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Senator Biden is a Senator from Delaware and running for President of the United States. He is amazing! He saw my campaign sticker (Iraq War, Wrong Way, for the campaign I work on) and thanked me for my work to end the war. I bought his book, which he signed, "Jessica, thank you for your support. We must end this war." Love it! Here is our picture and buy his book, it is supposed to be fantastic!

And I also want to say how happy I am that yet another Republican, Senator Warner from Virginia, who was the former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has said we must start the process of bringing troops home in September.

He is another Republican who joins the ranks of dissatisfied Republicans who want to see the end of this war. Let me also state how well respected he is and how important this is. His words today carry tremendous weight with every Republican leader.

Tonight I am headed to a town hall where Governor Richardson of New Mexico, another Presidential candidate, will be speaking. I hope I get to meet him.

Tell Jon Porter: Take a Stand. End the War.  

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One of the partner organizations for the campaign I work on created this ad. It gives me goosebumps when I watch it. Too bad an ad like this wasn't created for Craig, Crapo, Simpson and Sali.

You can't veto the truth  

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A work of art. Watch it.

On the road again...  

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I have started packing up as in less than two weeks I will be moving again. It is so much easier to just move a carload of things versus an entire 10x10 foot storage unit full of things, by yourself, except for a little bit of help from a friend.

Where will I be living in 2 weeks? I don't know. After this campaign ends for the summer, I will be taking a few days to go back up to Pocatello to see my beloved friends and to rummage through my storage unit to get some warmer clothes and other items I will most certainly need. Then, on September 6th, I will be starting my new job, a job I had a little freak out about yesterday when I realized about how much money I will have after I pay all of my bills (not much).

This next job, same as my current one, places you in housing, so that is the reason I don't know where I will be living. Hopefully Henderson or central Vegas because while North Las Vegas has its good qualities, the commute sucks and it would be nice to be central to everything.

I have been trying to decide if I should divulge who I am working for come September 6th. At this point in time, I don't think I need to. If you'd like to email me and ask, I will tell you, but I am not going to publicly disclose it right now. Sorry.

Two America's...  

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We have One America that lives by the paycheck calendar; another that never has to look at the calendar before writing a check.

One America that's afraid it won't be able to leave its children a better life; another whose children are already set for life.

One America - middle-class America - long forgotten by Washington; and another America - narrow-interest America - whose every wish is Washington's command.

Lovin' John Edwards.

Cutest puppy video ever!  

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Watch these cute french bulldog pups in action! And please buy me one!

John Edwards calls Ann Coulter "she-devil"  

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and that is why I love him.

"We know these people. We know their game plan. They're going to attack us personally," Edwards said. "They attacked Elizabeth personally, because she stood up to that she-devil Ann Coulter. … I should not have name-called. But the truth is -- forget the names -- people like Ann Coulter, they engage in hateful language."

More here.

I have been offered a job with...  

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I am not going to say. :) I will say that it is with a Presidential campaign, obviously a Democratic candidate. Barring something unforseen, tonight I will be calling to accept the job offer.

Stay tuned to see if I reveal who I am working for...

Exciting news for my future?  

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Not yet. But in the next day I might have an announcement about my plans for the next 15 months...

How much more crazy can it get?  

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So the state director for the campaign quit. Everyone is trying to figure out exactly what she has done for the last 7 weeks and I can't be of much help because I didn't see her do much. Because of this, I have been working even more and rarely have a free moment to blog.

Obama was here last friday and was nice, but when I asked him to sign a bumper sticker, "Support the troops, end the war" he said no. He said he made a special exemption for the woman who asked him to sign her pledge card and that he usually doesn't sign things. Too bad for Obama that I saw him sign multiple things before me, including the pledge card, and one of his staffers was standing right behind him with a marker. So I guess he didn't want to sign the bumper sticker because of the message. At least he was nice about it, even though he blatantly lied to my face.

Afterwards I wanted to buy an Obama shirt as a souvenir and they wouldn't let me buy one unless I gave them all of my information. Information only required if you contribute more than $200, according to federal law. I politely pointed this out to them, but they said no information no shirt. Get prepared if he gets the nomination. If you want to buy a bumper sticker or button, you will have to give him all of your information or they won't sell you the item(s), unless they change that campaign policy.

Afterwards we went over to the Edwards event at a union hall. I think Edwards has some of the nicest staffers out there and his events are very good. To me he is a better speaker. You feel this genuineness when he speaks that is missing from the others. You feel the passion in his voice. He doesn't mince his words and he brings much more honesty to the table. This isn't anything against Hillary or Obama. Edwards is just in a position where he has to be more honest, more passionate, and more genuine because he is polling 3rd.

One of my friends is an Obama supporter and told me to be prepared to be underwhelmed when I heard Obama speak and she was right. He was good, just not so amazing I had tears streaming down my face. Of course I am the same person who didn't see what was so fan-freaking-tastic about his 2004 DNC speech. Good, not amazing, IMHO.

I'm telling 'ya, the hype ruins it for me.

I better be going. We are about to transform the office into a war room.

P.S. Anyone have any tips for my cold? Don't want to take any antibiotics because they are in short supply for me (no insurance) and I keep getting a runny nose, sneezing, stuffed up, and sometimes swollen glands.

Obama in Vegas!  

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Still alive.  

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Have lots to say about Howard Dean in Pocatello, the College Dems at ISU and how they are used and abused.

I will blog when I get a spare minute. Take a look at the video I will be posting soon from youtube. I birddogged Congressman Porter here in Nevada!

Blogging from the Planet Hollywood parking garage...  

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I have no internet at home and while I spend a great deal of time at work in my office with internet, it isn't enough to allow me to blog as much as I would like. However, I am waiting for my date and wanted to rest my feet and whoop there it is, I have internet.

Last night was First Friday, a popular event here in Las Vegas. We used it to have an anti-war protest and it went great, as you can tell from the pictures! After the protest, a friend and I walked around and got into a discussion with some Bible thumpers. The kind who say that gay people are going to hell. The kind who have to talk around in circles because when you question their logic, and they realize they aren't fooling you, try to confuse you. I wasn't fooled and I still support gay marriage. Equal rights is very important to me and that will never change.

I received a call from the Hillary Clinton campaign asking me about Idaho State University. Yes, I am telling the truth. They want ISU students to come intern down here in Vegas during the winter break. It was neat to receive a call like that and I hope some ISU students take advantage of that opportunity.

Tomorrow I am going to try to attend my first Unitarian Universalist Church service (don't worry, I am not leaving the Mormon Church). It should be interesting. My only non-Mormon religious experience is limited to midnight Mass and maybe that is pathetic, but that's the honest to goodness truth. Haven't been to a Mormon Church meeting in a month because of work and I haven't heard a peep from anyone in my ward. Guess I'm not missed and/or maybe they are scared of my liberalism and/or maybe they are overwhelmed with other things...

Well, I better sign off for now. I am sweating it up sitting in my hot car in a hot garage and am ready to head back into Planet Hollywood, which is amazing inside and amazingly cool (literally).

Some clarification is needed...  

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John Edwards is my number 1 choice for the nomination. He is the most electable and is actually progressive. I also like that his supporters know about his positions and can name reasons why they support him that extend beyond charisma and how he brings hope to people. Not that the aforementioned aren't important, but I would like a nominee who brings more to the table.

Having spent the last month in Nevada and having spent a significant amount of time with campaign staff for all of the candidates, except for Mike Gravel, let me state that I support all of the candidates for President. I have had the pleasure to meet three of the candidates and have had the oppportunity to learn about all of them.

In many ways Dodd is my favorite because he brings a wealth of experience, incredible knowledge, and a background that backs his talk. In many ways Hillary is because I respect the way she campaigns so much. Her campaign has been nearly flawless, she is more prepared than all of the others combined, and when she speaks you can hear the experience in her words. I like Biden for his brutal honesty and experience. He isn't trying to appease voters so much as he is just trying to give it to us straight. I like Kucinich because I agree with his positions the most and his supporters are hardcore supporters-you gotta love that.

I like Richardson because he is a western Democrat and his message and policies reflect that. I like Obama because he is different and got the Iraq issue right the first time.

Who will I caucus for if the caucus were tomorrow? Edwards. Who will I caucus for January 19th? I can't say at this point in time. But you can bet that whichever Democrat gets the nomination will get my full support and I love all of them.