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So the state director for the campaign quit. Everyone is trying to figure out exactly what she has done for the last 7 weeks and I can't be of much help because I didn't see her do much. Because of this, I have been working even more and rarely have a free moment to blog.

Obama was here last friday and was nice, but when I asked him to sign a bumper sticker, "Support the troops, end the war" he said no. He said he made a special exemption for the woman who asked him to sign her pledge card and that he usually doesn't sign things. Too bad for Obama that I saw him sign multiple things before me, including the pledge card, and one of his staffers was standing right behind him with a marker. So I guess he didn't want to sign the bumper sticker because of the message. At least he was nice about it, even though he blatantly lied to my face.

Afterwards I wanted to buy an Obama shirt as a souvenir and they wouldn't let me buy one unless I gave them all of my information. Information only required if you contribute more than $200, according to federal law. I politely pointed this out to them, but they said no information no shirt. Get prepared if he gets the nomination. If you want to buy a bumper sticker or button, you will have to give him all of your information or they won't sell you the item(s), unless they change that campaign policy.

Afterwards we went over to the Edwards event at a union hall. I think Edwards has some of the nicest staffers out there and his events are very good. To me he is a better speaker. You feel this genuineness when he speaks that is missing from the others. You feel the passion in his voice. He doesn't mince his words and he brings much more honesty to the table. This isn't anything against Hillary or Obama. Edwards is just in a position where he has to be more honest, more passionate, and more genuine because he is polling 3rd.

One of my friends is an Obama supporter and told me to be prepared to be underwhelmed when I heard Obama speak and she was right. He was good, just not so amazing I had tears streaming down my face. Of course I am the same person who didn't see what was so fan-freaking-tastic about his 2004 DNC speech. Good, not amazing, IMHO.

I'm telling 'ya, the hype ruins it for me.

I better be going. We are about to transform the office into a war room.

P.S. Anyone have any tips for my cold? Don't want to take any antibiotics because they are in short supply for me (no insurance) and I keep getting a runny nose, sneezing, stuffed up, and sometimes swollen glands.


Are those shirts and buttons etc counted as campaign contributions?


And that's why they need the info. Jessica, FYI, I had to do the same when I donated to Edwards online to get my "Support the Troops, End the War" bumper sticker (which came) and T-shirt (which never did ... and it's been many months).

Jessica, re: Obama's decision not to sign your sticker, "Support the troops, end the war" is too easily read as "bring them home now." I know the Edwards campaign isn't advocating immediate withdrawal, but the bumper sticker's shorthand makes this unclear. This is the very reason why I did not put the sticker on my car - and why I suspect Obama would not sign your sticker.

Julie, I know that they count any purchase as a campaign contribution and that's why they want your info., my problem is that they tell you they have to get your information due to federal law, not due to their policy of counting $1 buttons as a campaign contribution. That's my issue. They try to fool me with the law, I know what it is.

Maybe you should contact the campaign and tell them you haven't received your shirt, and then contact your credit card company and make a dispute. If I don't get something after a month, I take action to either get the merchandise or get my money back.

It's one thing to go buy a $1 button at an event and quite another to buy things online. Companies require all of your information online because of credit card purchases. Edwards, to my knowledge, isn't counting your purchase as a campaign contribution.

I can understand if he has hesitation signing a bumper sticker, even one from one of the more moderate anti-Iraq war groups out there, but don't lie to me about it.

Again, people aren't getting what is lame about the t-shirt and bumper sticker.

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