Happy Halloween from New England!  

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What are your plans for Halloween? I will be headed over to the seacoast where they have a Halloween parade in Portsmouth. Halloween is a bigger deal out here than it is in other locations...so it will be fun to, I guess, celebrate Halloween. Enjoy the picture, which is old, but still, you get the idea.

Howard Zinn at October 27 Boston Mobilization  

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Meeting John Edwards...again  

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I met him again. Right before he filed in New Hampshire for the primary and then a little bit later when he was at a local bakery...I then kinda snuck into the room where he did a short press event and that was so cool to stand right by him as he answered questions from reporters!
It never gets old nor less exciting to meet the man who personifies everything I want in a President. Look for a post soon about his amazing speech at St. Anselm's College in Manchester. I didn't go...I should've, but was still doing the Romney thing at the time.

So, here are some pictures...

I Met Mitt Romney (UPDATED)  

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I am not gonna say anything mean about him right now because he was very nice to me, as was his wife. The picture taken of us was taken by Senator Judd Gregg, (R-NH), which is pretty cool that a United States Senator took our picture.

If you catch him on tv before he officially files to run as President in New Hampshire, you might notice me in my pink hat in the background. I'm on the first row on the left, behind Senator Gregg, and then behind another guy who introduced Mitt to the crowd (no idea who this second guy is). At times, you may see me waving my red Mitt hand thingy and sometimes holding a Mitt sign (I was deep undercover...).

UPDATE: My cousin and Aunt notified me that a top story on Mitt Romney's website has a picture from the rally where you see me in my pink hat on the left behind Mitt, his wife Ann, Senator Gregg and his wife (who was in a really bad mood!).

I Met Elizabeth Edwards (again).  

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She spoke at the New Hampshire Young Democrats 1st Annual JFK/RFK Awards Reception. She spoke about how electable John Edwards is in red and swing states and that he isn't afraid to campaign in those states. I asked her for a picture because the last time I met her and got a picture, the woman who took it apparently doesn't know how to take a picture with two people in it.

She went to shake my hand and then some man started talking to her, so she held onto my hand, as if to communicate that she wouldn't just walk by, that to hold on and she would talk to me, it was the nicest thing any candidate has done (and she is as much a candidate as John Edwards). She is awesome and will make a wonderful first lady!

I Met Dennis Kucinich!  

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And what was really cool was walking with him into the New Hampshire historic statehouse where he filed to run in the New Hampshire primary. I hadn't been in the statehouse before, which is funny, since I work right across the street, but my first time being in there was perfect.

Afterwards, I was able to get a picture with him and imagine my surprise later when he walked down the hall from my office as he was visiting us peaceniks in our offices(New Hampshire Peace Action, AFSC, and other liberal groups are housed in the same building). So it was pretty cool to see him again. Here is the evidence!

On Oct. 27th: END THIS WAR  

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Regional protests this saturday!  

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I will be in Boston (Boston Commons to be exact) protesting the war and hearing Howard Zinn speak (sooooo excited) as well as other great speakers. Those of you in Idaho and other nearby states can go to Salt Lake City or Seattle for the rally and march. If you are in another part of the country, check out this website for a protest near you.

From United for Peace and Justice:

"This coming Saturday, October 27, people from all walks of life will gather in 11 cities around the country in a national expression of the breadth and depth of antiwar sentiment in this nation. For many people, it will be their first step in transforming their antiwar feelings into antiwar action. Regional actions will enable much larger numbers of people to participate."

Last I heard, Idaho Peace Action was sending a bus from southern Idaho to SLC. Email them for more information or check out the Oct 27th website for transportation options.

Solidarity! Peace!

This could get me into some trouble...  

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I haven't written about all of the drama related to Florida and Michigan trying to move up their primaries, but I have been thinking about it a lot. Before I came to New Hampshire I was in Nevada, which will hold the second caucus, which is something new for Nevada. Now I am in New Hampshire which holds the nation's first primary and this is something that is not new. The people out here love that privilege and it certainly holds many benefits, such as seeing so much of the candidates. People in Nevada aren't quite used to it, which would explain why no Republican candidates had any presence in Nevada, and why Edwards could get away with pulling staff from Nevada...

You know you are spoiled when you pass on an Obama, Hillary, or Edwards event because you have heard their stump speech already, multiple times, and you just saw them a few weeks ago. So anyways, New Hampshire and Iowa play the most prominent roles with nominating a candidate and now other states want a piece of the pie and some of the attention that makes us so spoiled here in New Hampshire. Can you blame them? Seeing Hillary, Obama, Edwards, and others visiting your state so often is great for the party, and a great way to build the party.

But then I can blame them. The system isn't perfect, but we have to have some type of system, else a free for all would ensure that candidates spend all of their time in the most populated states, and states like Iowa, South Carolina, New Hampshire, and Nevada are then ignored. And this is creating all sorts of drama and an us vs. them mentality within the party. And not just within the party either.

So I feel really torn. In a way I can see why having some states always goes first makes sense (what about rotating schedule each presidential election year? hmmm....) but then it leaves a lot of states high and dry. And really, these early states are way too spoiled and couldn't we share the love, but in an organized fashion that doesn't completely leave out less funded candidates?

Comment moderating has been enabled...again.  

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Seems as though a troll named Kent likes to frequent my blog and leave comments. My blog, my rules-comment moderation is on. I find it really funny and ironic he won't make his blogger profile public so I don't even know who he is. I think he lives in Rigby though.

Kent, I left this for you before and will leave it for you again:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind, do not matter, and those who matter do not mind." - Dr. Seuss

And all of the Idaho Dems I have spoken with today think it is hilarious that you state I have no credibility with Idaho Dems. How's the weather in la-la land, Kent?

Lastly, Kent, don't leave another comment on my blog again, or even make the attempt. You're behavior is bordering insanity and is pretty freaking creepy.

You could hear a pin drop.  

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That has been the response to my post about the Idaho Democratic Party's financial worries. I know people are pissed I wrote about it. Perhaps they shouldn't discuss it in public meetings then? And really, I promise you, you don't HAVE to read my blog.

And also, stop making gay jokes in your meetings as well. It's offensive and something I would expect from Republicans, not Democrats.


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I missed out an opportunity to meet Ron Paul, Guiliani, McCain (again) and to see my John Edwards today. Whoopsy! I might be moving closer to the seacoast and have been wrapped up in other things and didn't realize all of them were officially filing today at the NH Statehouse, which is across the street from where I work-which is sweet!

I was at an Obama rally yesterday trying to get people to sign a petition to end the war. Obama, unfortunately for me, underwhelms me as a speaker. Sure he's hopeful, but he lacks in the policy department and from what I've seen, which is a few rallies, he isn't as inspiring and great as I have been told. I don't know if my expecations are way too high or what, but I have genuinely wanted to give him a chance to be as great as he is made out to be and it just doesn't happen.

A friend of mine who was there asked a staffer if he would come over to where a bunch of us were, as we were right next to his car and he promised to sign some things for people over there, and the staffer said he wouldn't come over. My friend was annoyed because she wanted to ask him about nuclear non-proliferation and she remarked that he isn't a superstar, he is a politician and should act like it. Unfortunately we have candidates who forget that they are, in fact, politicians, and sometimes just candidates, but that they can't avoid answering tough questions and facing the people. My friend did have a great conversation with Ron Paul who was, gasp, honest, and spent a few minutes talking about nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear weapons.

Idaho Democratic Party in financial trouble?  

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Word on the street is that the Idaho Democratic Party is broke and in the hole by around $100,000. If so, that is troubling and unfortunate.

I remember receiving an email wherein one of the employees of the state party was resigning, though I believe he was being paid directly by the DNC. Though I can't help but wonder if it was related to the party's financial problems in Idaho.

Any Democrat running in Idaho faces an uphill battle, and some Democrats running in Idaho stand virtually no chance, but this doesn't mean we should throw in the towel and give up. Idaho won't always be so red and Democrats will only get elected if we keep having Democrats run, if we have a strong Democratic party and if we donate money to keep it strong.

Working to end the War in Iraq is much like getting Democrats elected in Idaho. It often times feels fruitless and pointless, but it isn't. It is everything but. We may not end the War in Iraq and we may not get Larry LaRocco elected, but there are smaller victories to be had and eventually we can end the war and we can have a Senator who is a Democrat in Idaho.

So, if you can, donate to the state party here.

UPDATED. Obama has paid staffers in Idaho.  

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Technically only one in Boise right now (an out of stater at that). I guess they are interviewing to find another 1-2 people. They are interviewing a friend of mine who has experience organizing for a position in southeastern Idaho, I assume. I must say I was a little surprised a candidate is choosing to put paid staff on the ground...this early...that is a Democrat...

This is all information I heard from a source outside of the Obama campaign, fyi. Haven't received confirmation yet, nor have I tried to get any.

UPDATE: It was confirmed to me by the Boise staffer that this is true and they are looking to hire another one. Not sure if he is an out of stater but his cell phone has the prefix of (509)...so I would imagine he is!

I Met Mike Huckabee!  

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Who I actually kinda like. I think he is a decent guy who has some horrid policies, but he doesn't engage in the Democrat bashing like Mitty boy and Drag Queen Guiliani and his policies aren't 100% crappy.

I got to talk to him twice as he worked the room. And boy, he is good with the retail politicking (hand shaking, baby holding, etc). No wonder he is at 18% in Iowa now-2nd place for you non-politico's. The second time he came around he asked me my name, where I was from, told me a short story about Boise, and just really tried to have a conversation with me. You know how people talk about Bill Clinton talking to someone and treating them as if they are the only person in the room? Huckabee did that and I haven't met any other politicians who have. I was pretty impressed.

Here is the picture as evidence and feel free to use this as blackmail as I am wearing one of his stickers. I am excited to meet more of the Repubs running since I have met all of the Dems,
'cept Gravel and Kucinich...

Edwards in Keene Pictures!  

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As I wrote yesterday, I was able to see John Edwards in Keene yesterday. Here are some pictures. Enjoy!

Video of me meeting Hillary.  

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The catch? You can't actually see me in this shot. You have to go here. Click on, "Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) Campaigning in Canterbury, NH". I meet her at the 51:50 mark. You can tell she is talking to me because she turns a little bit to face me, says "hi." Then I say, "I just wanted to meet you. I came all of the way from Idaho." To which she replies, "wow."

The link will want to open a video in Real Player and the link won't be good for very long, so if you can't find the video, try searching for it.

Obama Pics (I'm a health care voter).  

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I don't think I ever posted pictures from when I stood outside for over 2 hours in 115 degree heat to see Obama attend a private house party (look for me in pink shirt in background pics). He was nice and came and spoke to us before going inside. This was the first time I met him! So, here they are! Enjoy.

Edwards to receive Iowa SEIU endorsement on Monday.  

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According to this. If true, this is huge for the Edwards campaign which needs all of the help it can get. This might also help other states decide to go with Edwards, or another candidate, but it certainly benefits Edwards inside and outside of Iowa.

I heard Edwards speak in Keene, New Hampshire today. I've heard him several times and he is always good but usually talks about policies too much and while I eat that up, other people desire more of the inspirational "stuff". Today he delivered an Obama-esque type speech that was moving and inspirational. The crowd, which numbered in the hundreds outside in a small town, rose to its feet.

I took some pictures but I left my camera in my car and will upload them tomorrow. I will also post about Al Gore and the possibility he will enter the race...

I Met Hillary Clinton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (UPDATED)  

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It was a religious experience to meet her and I wish I would've asked for a picture but I was too scared! There is always next time, if there is a next time!

She has very soft hands that are also very tiny. She is attractive and very very nice. She knows the issues inside and out. She would make a wonderful President.

She saw me and said hello, to which I replied, "Hi, I just wanted to meet you. I came all of the way from Idaho." She said, "wow, that's a long ways." She wasn't just shaking hands, she was engaging people and taking the time to pose for pictures. I am still mad at myself for not asking for one. I learned my lesson.

Rearranging and some changes...  

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to my loving, seeing, hearing, and reading.

I love Ron Paul, btw.

Picture of wound on arm...  

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The picture doesn't do it justice. It is now starting to bruise, but the swelling is down, I think...

I was attacked...seriously.  

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I don't, generally speaking, like big dogs. They scare me. I prefer small dogs that like to sit on your lap, that can sleep on your bed without taking up half of it, and that don't have enormous teeth that can sink into your skin.

So I am living with a host family who have been wonderful and they have a cat and dog who are great pets...I have been letting the dog sleep in my room and sometimes, when I feel generous, I let her sleep on my bed. I usually wake up around 7am to use the restroom and often times have the dog leave my room so my host dad can put her outside to go potty. A few times she has been reluctant to leave and I have to kinda push her off the bed. I did so this morning but when I came back into my room, she was laying on the floor. So I went to push her bottom, nicely, out of the door and she bit my hand and started walking back into my room more. So I followed her a few steps to get her back outside and she attacked me...

She latched onto my arm, right below my elbow, and held on for dear life, even as I lifted my arm higher and higher. When she finally let go and she left my room, I fell onto the floor because my arm was throbbing so bad. She only broke skin in a few places but one of them was a NASTY puncture wound and the blood was so dark, almost black. I was able to fall back asleep, but only after an hour or so as my arm was in that much pain.

So I come home tonight and walk into the front door and hear the dog barking...she runs to greet me as if all is well and I can't help but be suspicious of this dog. Is she lulling me into false sense of security so she can latch onto my arm again and tear it off? I get into my room and shut the door but find that nature calls and go to use the bathroom. When I go into the hall, guess who is there? The latcher...looking at me with a guilty face. So I call her over and pet her. She starts running towards my bedroom but I tell her no because I don't like having a swollen, bruised and bloody arm. And I am kinda scared because maybe she will attack me again.

How do we engage the youth?  

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This was something Idaho Democrats pondered over the weekend and I responded to this on another blog, Red State Rebels.

I find it somewhat humorous that I am even offering my input seeing as how I am a political junkie and politics is my life. But I know a few things on how to get young people involved. I was the President of the Idaho State University College Democrats and involved with other campus organizations during college and now find myself organizing for a campaign in New Hampshire on college campuses.

One commenter stated that the young people should be stepped on and that we don't need to engage them. Correct, we don't need to engage the political junkies, but political junkies aren't the norm. We need to engage the people who aren't political junkies. HOW DO WE DO THAT?

I suggested giving money to College Dems/Young Dems groups on campus because young people can engage young people best, but someone said money isn't the answer. Uh, ok. I am not suggesting that we give out $20 bills, I am suggesting that we give money to these groups so they have the resources they need on campus to create visibility, create literature, etc...I don't see how that should even be up for debate.

You can get young people excited just by giving them a sticker, or button, or whatever you have. Truly, it works wonders. I gave the UNH College Dems some stickers (bumper and lapel) for their table at the Organizational Fair and it meant a lot to them because young people love free stuff and by giving them something they can wear/display, suddenly they become a part of something.

I also suggested that we could start engaging young people by reaching out to Young Dem/College Dem groups, but someone pointed out that these groups aren't all encompassing. Wow, really? No duh. But these groups already exist on campuses, THEIR campuses, with students who are their friends and their classmates. You want to work on campuses, you don't bypass existing groups-why reinvent the wheel? You start from these groups and work out from there.

Again, I am not a perfect authority on young people, but I know a few things and though my answers may not be what you want to hear, they are what, in my experience, works.

Uh, Wow. Some Mormons Scare Me.  

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And there is one in particular, who blogs, who really scares me, but I don't even want to link to her blog because she shouldn't get any publicity for the crap she spews.

Let me sum up her blog:

Barak (her spelling, not mine) is a Socialist and shouldn't be in this country.

Hillary is scary!

Mitt Romney will save the world because he is THAT great.

First of all, lady, don't criticize Obama if you can't friggin' spell his name. Second of all, how scary is a corporate centrist Democrat? I mean, really, come on! Last of all, Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping liar who will say anything to get a vote, and pay anything as well. How Mitty has managed to fool so many people into thinking there is anything genuine about him is really a feat, and he deserves some props for being such a good politician, but that isn't a compliment people should want.

or fin a la guerra.  

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How many more have to die before we bring them home? The endless and reckless war must end.

Quote of my life...yes another one...  

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"The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars..." Jack Kerouac

"But sometimes change is everything..."  

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Having spent the last 3 weeks across the country in New Hampshire, I've decided that I could stay out here for a while. As different as the east and New England are from the west, New Hampshire has a lot of similarities to Idaho that make it endearing and help me forget just how far away from Idaho that I am (around 43 hours of driving, 54 to Seattle).

Still, staying in New England past the time when my current job ends isn't a foregone conclusion.

So Larry Craig isn't going to resign. Someone should look into this because I think the Idaho Democratic Party paid Craig some big bucks to not resign! Talk about a gift to LaRocco and Democrats in general. I mean really, does Craig not care about Republicans or the Republican Party at all?

Obama loves the ISU Bengals?  

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Maybe. Ok, probably. His campaign has sure been working their asses off to establish a student chapter at Idaho State University. Today I decided to step in and help, so those of you in Pocatello who love them some Obama, drop me an email and let me know if you want to be involved.

I can only do so much from New Hampshire, but I am hoping to still provide some assistance. And for those of you who are confused as to why I am helping Obama, let me remind you that I love all of the Democrats running, so anytime one of their campaigns comes calling, I pick up and answer. Hillary has the only other campaign showing interest in ISU, and they are just wanting ISU students to come to Vegas during their winter break to help, which would be cool, but it isn't as cool as working right in Pocatello to help a Democrat win, especially the rock star himself.

So, Bengals for Barack? Students for Obama (boring), Bengals for Obama, ISU for Obama? Which one do you like or do you have another suggestion?