You could hear a pin drop.  

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That has been the response to my post about the Idaho Democratic Party's financial worries. I know people are pissed I wrote about it. Perhaps they shouldn't discuss it in public meetings then? And really, I promise you, you don't HAVE to read my blog.

And also, stop making gay jokes in your meetings as well. It's offensive and something I would expect from Republicans, not Democrats.


Hey Kent,

Back up your comment with actual proof and stop masking your identity.

And since I apparently have no credibility among Idaho Dems, why do they keep reading my blog? Come on, Kent boy, reveal yourself!

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I delete rude comments that aren't backed up, such as yours. Seems as though you feel I have so much credibility you spend an awful lot of timing trolling my blog. How sad for you. I don't need to pad my credibility when a troll is the one calling it into question.

Boy, how strange you see fit to harass a young woman who is a sexual abuse victim. Strange and creepy indeed.

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