Job search becomes Internship search?  

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The economy is still in the shitter. I've applied to a few jobs where I am overqualified and thought for sure I'd get a call back or something, but...nothing. Something will come along, someday.

Today, though, something interesting happened. Someone friend requested me on Facebook. We have some mutual friends (mainly campaign workers in D.C.), and so I accepted and took a look at his Facebook profile. He owns a firm that does communications work. They are hiring, but I am not quite qualified for what they are hiring for. Therefore, I decided to shoot him a Facebook email and ask if he would meet with me to possibly do an internship.

This is a great firm that does really good work. And I think it would be awesome to really get some great experience in communications and PR. He said yes to my email provided I email him a resume and cover letter!

Thoughts? No lectures on working for free, please.

Our (Inter)National Nightmare Has Ended.  

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But the damage that we've incurred will continue for a long long time. Luckily we have a President-Elect who will attempt to clean up the damage.

Today is a day I do not celebrate for myself, for I have celebrated enough already. Today is a day I celebrate for my country and world. Today is a day I celebrate for people of color who now realize that depsite the racism and discrimination that exist in this country, this is a land of opportunity and hope.

I can't help but wonder what my dear Katie (my daughter, who is mixed race) feels. Perhaps a little more optimism? Perhaps she has higher self-esteem? Perhaps other kids will be a bit nicer and she'll face fewer jokes because of her mixed race? That's my hope.

Tonight was a great tv night!  

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Lots of new season premieres! I am watching United States of Tara, a new show on Showtime and I really like it. It's about a mom who has Schizophrenia (multiple personalities). Entertaining!

Kathy Nielsen is a horrid cat breeder!  

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She sold me a kitten with a congenital defect and a kitten with worms. DO NOT BUY KITTENS FROM HER. She is an unethical and dishonest cat breeder. I can supply supporting documentation proving that my kitten has a congenital defect and proof that she only dewormed the kittens once (when they were 2 weeks old). She refuses to work with me on a solution.

Steer clear of Nielkats Scottish Fold Cattery.

I Miss Washington D.C.  

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It is the center of the world right now! So exciting! I miss being able to take the subway everywhere! I miss having so much to see and do you can never get bored. I miss seeing the Washington Monument when I ride would the subway from Maryland to DC everyday for work. Washington D.C. is truly my Mecca and I will always miss it.

Inauguration Gratitude and a lil' Regret  

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Anytime I get upset that I am not going to the Inauguration, I remember how insane it will be. The crowds, traffic, packed everything, lines, outrageous prices, etc. Hotels were around $600/night when they are usually 1/6th of that. Sorry, but I'm not spending $2k-3k for a 2-2.5 star hotel for 4-5 nights. 

I know a few people who work for Obama and I might've been able to score a ticket to the Inaug and maybe some balls, but I just do not want to deal with the madness. Though I do wish I could've gone to the Convention in Denver. I was too broke and didn't want to try to score credentials, though as some of you know, I am an expert at getting into events I have no right being in. ;)

Oprah is my hero.  

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She really is. I'm sad she gained weight back, but sooooo many people do, including me. And watching her shows lately has been really uplifting. She is such a good example to people right now. Today she talked to various people who have lost weight, gained some back, and others who just want to start losing now. Oprah mentioned that being angry at falling off the wagon isn't how you should feel right now. Be positive and move forward. Amen.

There is no shame in falling, only falling and not getting back up.

Just not into politics right now.  

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I'm pretty exhausted and annoyed with politics right now. I am scared of what Congress will do next. Even though the Dems control the House, Senate and in a little bit of time, the White House, I still get worried about what they might do with all of that power. 

The bailout annoys me to no end. AIG execs go and party it up while taxpayers bail them out. Banks give people who can't afford homes loans and then need a bailout because of their greediness. You know who needs a bailout? Americans. The middle and lower classes. The people who are losing their jobs. 

The position our country is in and the very real possibility this recession will last another year makes me wonder why I should have much hope for our country to turn things around. 


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Of course there are automatic and built-in incentives, such as fitting into clothes you haven't worn in a while, higher self-esteem, more energy, etc. But I've also been thinking of other incentives I could give to myself as I reach various weight loss goals. I think when I've lost around 30-40 pounds, I will go buy some cute workout clothes. I really should buy some stuff now and I might need to go buy some emergency workout clothes, because sweatpants and t-shirts might not cut it, but I really want to extra incentivize my weight loss. The gym I'm joining has some massage therapists on staff, so maybe another incentive could be a massage. Any ideas are welcome.

Withdrawals suck!  

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I have been posting much more regularly on my diet blog. I'm tired, I have headaches and I just feel like crap, which means I don't feel like posting here. Here's hoping my withdrawals from caffeine and sugar end in the next day or two.

Gov. Kaine will be new DNC Chair.  

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First off, I was stoked when Kaine wasn't chosen as Obama's running mate. With that said, I am not sure how I feel about him as DNC Chair. I love Howard Dean and I love the 50-state strategy. Kaine will be okay in my book as long as he continues some type of 50-state strategy.

But if he starts pulling some Rahm crap and ignoring the red states, I'll have big problems with him.

Some layout changes are afoot.  

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If you look above this post, you will notice a rectangular box with links to my other blogs. Technically, I blog on 6 blogs, but 2 of those blogs, I rarely blog on. The other 4 blogs are ones I will try to keep current.

I have an open invitation to anyone who wants to blog with me on any of my blogs. If you want to remain anonymous, it's still really easy to blog or comment. You can create a faux account and comment and blog under that.

I am not inclined to open totally anonymous commenting (that doesn't require registration) because there are people who abuse that privilege (I know who they are, see, my blog traces your IP address so I know what city you live in, what operating system you use, who your internet provider is, what pages you looked at, how long you looked at my blog, how you got here, etc). I just don't understand why people who don't like me read my blog, don't you have better things to do?

Big New Years Resolution: Diet Time.  

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So I have not been doing well with following a diet and exercising. I blame unemployment and just my lack of motivation. However, that is changing. So, on Monday, I am starting a low-carb diet. Yes, Atkins. Spare me the lectures about it, please.

With this diet, I am thinking of starting another blog to track my progress and some other reasons.

My question to my dear readers is if there are any others who want to diet with me? You don't have to necessarily do Atkins, or a low-carb, but I think if we could get a few people on this other blog to blog about our experiences, what we're eating, and offer each other support and encouragement, it would be really great. If you want to lose 5 pounds, join me, if you need to lose 100, 20, 50, 200, whatever, join me. Doesn't matter where you live, the internet can bring us all together.

So, let me know, either in the comments, Facebook, Myspace, or email, if you want to join me and/or if you want to be a blog contributor on this other blog I will create. You can be anonymous, or not.