Big New Years Resolution: Diet Time.  

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So I have not been doing well with following a diet and exercising. I blame unemployment and just my lack of motivation. However, that is changing. So, on Monday, I am starting a low-carb diet. Yes, Atkins. Spare me the lectures about it, please.

With this diet, I am thinking of starting another blog to track my progress and some other reasons.

My question to my dear readers is if there are any others who want to diet with me? You don't have to necessarily do Atkins, or a low-carb, but I think if we could get a few people on this other blog to blog about our experiences, what we're eating, and offer each other support and encouragement, it would be really great. If you want to lose 5 pounds, join me, if you need to lose 100, 20, 50, 200, whatever, join me. Doesn't matter where you live, the internet can bring us all together.

So, let me know, either in the comments, Facebook, Myspace, or email, if you want to join me and/or if you want to be a blog contributor on this other blog I will create. You can be anonymous, or not.


Count me in, I went and saw JENNY today, so I am officially on my diet. Good luck to you, and everyone who wants to try and lose some weight!!!!! Patty

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