The battle in my head and heart between Obama and Hillary. Here's a little Obama love.  

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I've been torn over Hillary and Obama for months now. During the summer before I started my job, I could never see myself supporting Hillary, but I as learned more about her, I learned about the amazing woman she is.

But, as I learned more about Obama, I became concerned about his readiness for the general election and Presidency. Those concerns still remain. But I also learned that he inspires people and though I think he is still very very very overhyped, I respect the fact that he is able to do what few can. And yes, though politically much easier for Obama than a United State Senator, such as Hillary or JRE, he was opposed to the War in Iraq.

I am just most concerned about electing a Democrat and therefore I am always concerned about Hillary's negatives (how many people have a negative opinion of her). I think that as people get to know Hillary and see her, her negatives will continue to drop and I still think she could win the general, but winning will be terribly difficult. She does galvanize the Republican base in a way Obama wouldn't, but should we be nominating someone because we are scared of how they will react to Hillary, who has been very very good to our party, to the American people, and is a solid Democrat???

Obama will face an incoming onslaught from the Republicans that would make any grown man, or woman, curl up into the fetal position, suck their thumb, and cry for their mother. Trust me people, it will truly be nasty. I know Hillary is ready for the onslaught, is Obama?

So basically the aforementioned are the types of things I have been grappling with over the last few months. I have always known JRE's chance at the nomination was slim and with that in mind, I was always ready to throw my support to another candidate. I just didn't realize how difficult this would be.

JRE was my candidate and a perfect one and he would've made a damn good President. When JRE dropped out, America lost. When JRE dropped out, the poor and forgotten lost their voice. When JRE dropped out, I experienced that all too familiar feeling, political heartbreak. When JRE dropped out, I decided to endorse Hillary. But the day after JRE dropped out and I endorsed Hillary, I have decided to endorse both Obama and Hillary. May the best person for the job win.

John Edwards to drop out.  

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See story here.

I'm endorsing Hillary now. More later.

Hoping for a miracle. When dreams meet reality.  

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My post about Washington D.C. was, in many ways, a foolish rush for advice. I don't think I can even afford to go to Washington D.C. to live. Working in politics doesn't pay well. Doesn't matter which campaign, which party, which job, when you are just starting out, you go through the campaign life with a trial by fire. The fire is the long hours that you will always work and the pay that is atrocious but gets higher and higher as you obtain more experience.

Last night I spent most of the night worrying, crying, and a bit freaked out about what I would do if I can't go to Washington D.C. There goes my job. There goes my plans until November. There goes my finances that allow me to pay all of my bills currently.

And finally there goes a dream I have been able to grasp, sometimes painfully grasp, since late June when I sold all of my furniture, packed 75% of my things into a storage unit, packed my car with essentials (and some non-essentials, ok, LOTS of non-essentials!), and moved to a city I had only experienced through a short layover in its airport.

I was called crazy, but usually in an envious sortof way. I mean who just ups and leaves their life, their friends, their city, nearly everything to them, for a short-term job that pays $400/week in one of the hottest places in this country? Me, that's who. It will remain one of the greatest decisions in my entire life.

Since I made that decision, a monumental decision, I have driven across this great country of ours. I believe I've been in 36 out of 50 states, most of the 14 remaining are here in the south (Alaska, which I would die to see, Wisconsin, and the Dakota's are the only non-southern states besides Connecticut and Delaware up in the northeast). I was going to cross two more off when I returned to NEW HAMPSHIRE to get my car to make the drive to Washington D.C. But that might be a drive I won't ever make.

I have a rather large car payment, a student loan payment that I just started making in November (around $330/month), cell phone bills, and other 26 year old types of bills. But my car payment and insurance are almost $500/month (I overpay my car payment by around $30/month) and have a ridiculously high interest rate-ahhh the joys of being young. I haven't had to pay rent since June and that has been my lifesaver. A $500+ rent payment, not including utilities, plus a Metro pass, plus a possible bus pass would leave me with basically no money.

No rent allows me to have some extra money to spend (such as a one day pass to Disney World). Most importantly, it allows me to have a cushion that I haven't ever really had. I remember the days of $1.00 account balances and overdraft charges and calling mom for money. I hated doing that, but it was nice knowing I would never find myself in a financial bind my parents couldn't help release me from.

I was naive and stupid to think I could survive off of my income for more than a few months and most certainly without free rent. I guess all dreams must end, I just thought I could make mine last a lot longer, hell, even a lifetime.

Any Washington D.C. experts out there?  

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Got the email push to start looking for housing. Suggestions on particular areas? Areas to avoid? I've been told avoid the Northeast and Southeast area. Virginia and Maryland are gonna be cheaper and safer.

I'll have my car, but hope to not use it much. Want to be somewhere safe, but I need to get to work (on K street, ironically) somewhat easily. I would love to be close to a Metro line.

And if you have any "contacts" out there who would know of decent housing (just looking for a room to rent, if furnished, double bonus) most likely until November, but that isn't set in stone. I would need a place by early February...ugh.

Remember, I work on a campaign, so I make very little money.


I got to go to DISNEY WORLD!!!!  

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My boss is the greatest person in the world to me right now. She let me go to Disney World if I promised to get my work to her the next morning, which is this morning, which means I have been up since 3:30am working! I knew it would be worth it, and it is, because I was able to spend a little under 8 hours in Walt Disney World, the place where dreams come true!!!

After a morning conference call, I asked her if I should head down to Orlando because I knew they wanted to get me closer to Orlando for work. She said yes. I jokingly asked, as I have been joking about this since I arrived in Florida, if that meant I could go to Disney World, as they wouldn't get a hotel booked for me until several hours later. After some negotiation, she said I was free to do whatever I wanted, even Disney World.

So...since Orlando is so amazing, I knew I had options. Universal Studios, Six Flags (turns out there isn't one nearby), some other amusement park, or Disney World. Since I have a slight obsession with Disneyland, and having thought for most of my life that I would never be able to go to Disney World, I knew that is where I should go.

However, I called one of my best friends, Chrissy, because she was supposed to go to Disney World and other places last week (plans fell through) and I knew she could give me advice. She said everyone told her that if you can only go to one place, you should go to Magic Kingdom. Now I'm obviously not up to speed on all the Disney lingo, but Magic Kingdom is Disney World, as is Epcott, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, etc. You need separate tickets to go to each one and they aren't all together, but Magic Kingdom is the main part. That is place with Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Adventureland, etc.

So, I was able to spend my time in Magic Kingdom yesterday. Go to my facebook album of my visit for some pics (have a few below as well). I will write more about my visit later, after I fulfill my promise to my boss!

Don't drop out, John Edwards. We need you.  

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"So, I urge you: keep going. Ignore the pundits, who think this is a horserace, not a fight for justice. My dad was a fighter. As a friend and a believer in my father’s words that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, I say to you: keep going. Keep fighting. My father would be proud."

-- Martin L. King, III in a letter to John Edwards.

Democratic debate...  

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Barack sure does take a long time to not really say anything substantive at all....

Picture catchup...Part 3. More Boston!  

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Picture catchup...Part 2. BOSTON!  

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I kindof had a day off when I was driving back from Rhode Island to NEW HAMPSHIRE and decided to spend it walking the City of Boston. I should really do a few updates with just my Boston pictures...

Where everybody knows your name.
Paul Revere's grave.

Picture catchup...Part 1. JFK Museum  

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So I lost my cord that connects my digital camera to my computer and have an adapter that makes it so my memory stick goes right into my computer, but I lost that too. So, I had to buy another memory card to get the memory card adapter. Behold, part 1 of many with pictures from my grand adventures in the east...

JFK Museum in Boston, Mass.

Greetings from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!  

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Well, I arrived here in South Carolina last night. It was raining, but not cold. I was able to get to bed moderately early (12am), which was good because I was called early this morning (8:30am) and told I needed to head up to Myrtle Beach for an event. It was pouring rain, with flooded roads and horrid visibility, but I made it.

My mom asked me if it was pretty. Sure, but I didn't see much due to the weather. On my way back I was able to find a beach and snapped a few pictures but nothing spectacular.

I headed down to Savannah, Georgia tonight and now I am at my hotel on Hilton Head Island. I didn't get to the island until it was dark, so I can't speak to just how beautiful it will be, but I am sure it will be gorgeous. I'm hoping for some beach pics tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, it won't be pouring down rain.

I'm pretty stoked to see what the results are for the SC Primary and NV Caucuses on Saturday. Any predictions? I'm not ready to call SC yet for the Repubs, but I'm pretty sure Robomitt will claim NV, if only because he is the only Repub really campaigning there. But who knows since it's a caucus.

I think Hill will take NV, with Obama and JRE behind. SC will either be Hill or Obama and JRE as 3rd. I still love JRE and I contributed to his campaign tonight. I rarely contribute to political campaigns (only Jim Hansen and Larry Grant before today), but I just felt that I needed to do it, that I talk the talk about JRE, but I need to walk the walk.

I'm going to South Carolina! (thoughts on Michigan).  

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My flight leaves in a few hours. Michigan has been great, despite the snow and lack of political activity here. But I think I'm ready for some warmer weather, some new scenery and to check one more state off my visited list (most of my states missing from this list are in the south).

I'm super stoked that Robomitt won Michigan. I wasn't terribly surprised. I thought it would be closer, but the turnout was horrid. We've been getting snow out here and really, it is pretty dead politically, so I'm not surprised people weren't as psyched as they were in NEW HAMPSHIRE and they decided to stay home.

Robomitt was able to pander enough to get some votes out here by promising to bring back manufacturing jobs-a lofty promise, that's for sure, but I suppose people out here are so desperate for some type of hope that any optimism is greeted with enthusiasm and a vote.

I guessed that Ron Paul would get 5% of the vote and I was pretty close. Every political event I went to featured some Ron Paul people outside holding signs for Dr. Paul. Like Dr. Paul and his supporters or not, his supporters are hungry and involved and that's respectable and the fact that he has energized people with his message is great and something I always try to encourage. ;)

I thought Huckabee would do better than people imagined, though certainly not well enough to crack into the top 2. But I'm not really sure if anyone made any percentage predictions for Huck. He drew great crowds out here and his message of populism resonates with voters. Unfortunately for Huck, the social conservatives are going with Robomitt and his newly found social conservative values, even though Robomitt doesn't care about poor people, you know that people vote for values over their own economic self-interests (plug for What's the Matter with Kansas?).

I finally bought another memory stick so I could get the adapter that comes with it and as soon as I can get my hands on some scissors, I'll open the package and upload lots of pics from the NEW HAMPSHIRE primary (NH will always be in caps for me now). I know there is a big letdown for residents in NH and I certainly feel it as well, even though I am continuing my work on the campaign trail. There isn't anything like the First in the Nation Primary and I miss the excitement and craziness all of the time. Not to mention the incredible beauty of NH and some of the people...amazing people.

So, I fly into Charleston later tonight and haven't been in South Carolina before. Any advice? Anything I must see? I'm only there for a few days, but I will for sure do some driving and hope to snap some pictures as I didn't take more than 1 here in Michigan! I must say Holland, Michigan was probably my favorite, but I was also by Spring Lake and that was pretty as well, though I think technically it wasn't Spring Lake.

Well I have some packing to do, but I will try to get some pics uploaded tonight.

Do you like the new title and description  

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of my blog? I anticipate some more additions over the next few weeks, but I will most likely be living and working in and around the Washington D.C. area from February until November.

I'm a bit nervous about finding housing, so if any of you out there have any suggestions, let me know. I'm totally comfortable using METRO, and hope to use it often, but will have my car with me, so I would need to live somewhere relatively safe where my car won't be broken into every night.

Also, I have no furniture. But I'll be working right in the heart of Washington D.C.

Greetings from Michigan!  

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Just wanted to make a quick post and tell you all that I am here in Michigan safely. I miss New Hampshire, but I'll be back there in a month for a quick trip.

Also wanted to give props to Governor Richardson. I think he would've been a fantastic President and hope he'll be given a serious look as a VP choice. I like what he had to say about JRE/John Edwards:

"Senator Edwards is a singular voice for the most downtrodden and forgotten among us."

Update on me.  

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I am leaving for Michigan tomorrow where I will be for the next week. Then I am not sure where I am going. Nevada, South Carolina, or maybe California. I will be flying all over until after "Super Tuesday" when I will return to New Hampshire and get my car and drive to Washington D.C., my mecca.

Any Michigan experts out there? Anything I should try to see? Any great restaurants? I'm flying into Grand Rapids but anticipate being all around the state...

What a day...(McCain and Edwards thoughts)  

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Part 1:

I am laying in bed and wanted to drop a quick note with my thoughts about tonight. I'm obviously sad about John Edwards. I don't even know if you can comprehend how amazing he is until you see him in person and look into his eyes when he speaks about the problems facing this country and world. He gets it, folks. I was at his party tonight and his speech was moving and powerful. I left the room towards the end because it was too hard to sit there and realize voters aren't giving him the votes he deserves. 

I was ecstatic with the McCain victory. I have a special place for McCain in my heart. He is totally wrong on the War in Iraq, on gay marriage and some of other issues, but boy can he be right about other issues; spending, environment/global warming, torture and the list continues. I also have a special place in my heart because you can see the disdain he has for Romney so easily. Their exchange during a debate over torture is a youtube clip I watch over and over again. 

I also like that McCain is so open about his events. People from anti-war/peace groups are allowed in to pass out materials that totally contradict McCain's hawkish ideas. One time people from two peace groups came in dressed as nuclear bombs. NO OTHER REPUBLICAN and MOST Democratic campaigns would not allow them in. McCain did. He will call on you to answer a question when he knows you are going to ask him a brutal question that will force him to give an answer people won't like. His staffers don't hold onto the mic when you ask a question (other campaign's have their staffers do so if you start asking a tough question they can pull the mic away). He will let you ask clarifying questions, or make a comment, when he answers your first question. The list continues. 

I might fall asleep writing this, so I am going to end here and continue writing more soon. I am not sure how much time I have as I am going to Michigan for a week starting thursday morning. 

Congrats Hillary and John McCain. 


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I'm so exhausted but the adrenalin flowing through my body has me pumped up! Today I worked, went back to Concord and voted for John Edwards, tried to catch Hillary at an event, but barely missed her, came to Manchester to go to John Edwards rally and felt my heart start to break knowing I was looking at the most amazing person and realizing he won't win New Hampshire. 

Then I headed over to the Radisson Hotel and met James Denton from Desperate Housewives (he is a former Repub who endorsed JRE), Tim Russert, and Frank Luntz, WHO I LOVE! Pictures will be posted, most likely tomorrow or the next day. 

Tonight, work beckons, but I hope to catch a bit of the JRE party. 

Tomorrow: rest and catching up on work.

Thursday: I'm going to Michigan for a week. 

Today's the day...FIRST IN THE NATION!  

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I'll be getting up in a few hours to begin my work day (maybe I'll be on tv again). I'll have a mid-afternoon break during which I will drive back to Concord to cast my vote for John Edwards. If the timing is right, I want to go see Hillary visit a polling location here in town and would love to give her a hug and tell her to hang in there. People and the media are brutal. The woman can't sneeze without people having a shit fit and wondering if she manufactured a cold to get pity.

Tomorrow night I would love to spend it at the John Edwards party, and I hope to spend some time there, but only after I fulfill my work obligations and attend another party elsewhere...

I'm exhausted and only slept 3 hours last night, but today was awesome! As soon as I can find my adapter for my memory card, I hope to show you some pictures with some recognizable faces.

And if you happened to watch Anderson Cooper tonight and saw my mug wearing one of my famous beanies, just know that I support John Edwards still and was simply a Ron Paul fan to get in some camera shots so my ma and step-pa could see my pearly whites. Though I am a huge fan of his stance against the war-bring 'em home!

Looks like I may be moving to Washington, D.C. in a few days...If so, I anticipate some travel to Michigan and South Carolina and probably Nevada...

Sunday in New Hampshire...  

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After working for a little bit, I had some time where I should've been working but found myself at ground zero of NH Primary madness. I was down by the Radisson in downtown Manchester and found the media ground zero. I got to see the CSPAN studio set, ABC work headquarters, other sets, and found lots of media folks running around. It was craziness! 

I also found a group of Ron Paul supporters and I had great fun watching them rally at a busy intersection and then it happened...I got to meet Ron Paul. FINALLY! No pic with him, but I did get a pic which shall be posted when I can find my memory card adapter. Not 10 minutes later I met Duncan Hunter, another Presidential my pic with him. He was super nice...but that may have been because I am white. 

I decided that since it was 4:15pm, I should probably eat my first meal. So I went to a sports bar and grille and was eating when who walked in, Tim Russert. I wasn't positive that it was him, so I didn't approach him and when I realized it was truly him, he was at the bar relaxing and I didn't want to disturb him. 

So, I continued my ground zero crazy adventure and was able to see Dennis Kucinich and his wife again and then I got to meet Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings fame! I got a pic, so don't worry about that. He was super nice and it was fun to see Dennis again. So this was my sunday in a nutshell. 

Today I'll be working all day going to events and I will continue to revel in it and realize that being right on the front lines of this is both exciting and bittersweet. Exciting for obvious reasons and bittersweet because I will never live in an early state again...or will I? ;)

Reality, not rhetoric, policies, not platitudes!  

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John Edwards didn't not win Iowa because he was "too angry" or lacked the perception of being an agent of change. He didn't win because he was outspent and far too many people buy into nicely put together sentences, paragraphs and speeches and not necessarily policy positions. Though my JRE sure knows how to put together a speech.

I was asked today why I like Edwards and being the policy nerd that I am, I could easily point to the fact that he has policy positions, in fact, he has a policy book out. Can Obama even put together a policy page? But I also pointed out how I love the fighter in him. I identify with that because I am a fighter. I've fought my whole life. The fight, the passion, the drive, the energy, I love it all. I also perceive and feel that JRE is more genuine than Obama.

I've met them both multiple times and every single time I've met Obama, he's lied to my face. Usually about something stupid, but still, it's a lie and don't tell me you won't sign a bumper sticker because you "don't sign things" or that you won't take a picture with me because you don't have time to take "individual pictures" when I just saw you take 4 pictures with people on the rope line. Oh wait, did they donate money to you and that's why they got a picture? It didn't matter that I stood in line for 2 hours and was the first person in line and that I helped start the ISU Students for Obama chapter? Come on!

I just cannot get on the Obama bandwagon. Not until he carves out serious policy positions and not until he stops acting like a rock star. This is serious, folks. I spend all of my time around Republicans, they will not give up without a fight, an epic fight. Hoping that you can work with them for the good of the country won't get it done. The Republicans will bleed you dry and suck the life out of you. I just hope that whoever is the nominee is ready for a fight, because it won't be pretty, it won't be nice, and we need a Democratic President who will fight with everything in them. I believe JRE has the fight we need.

Greetings from New Hampshire, where ALL of the action is at.  

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I'm writing to you from a Starbuck's in Epping, New Hampshire. I've picked up a coffee habit, much to the disappointment of my mother. Sorry, ma, but these candidates have wicked nasty schedules and I can't survive without legal substances to sustain me. 

I greeted Mitt at a private airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last night. Surprisingly extra upbeat and optimistic. I thought he would be, but he was even moreso than I imagined. He's a really good actor. I guess when you have to be a phony your entire adult life, that comes easy after awhile. 

I'm sad about Edwards, so terribly sad. What a good and decent man. I still have faith though. I won't stop believing until Edwards tells me to. We need more than hope and words, we need action. 

I got about 3.5 hours of sleep, in two different chunks, last night, so I am pretty exhausted but still have 3 more events to attend today. I also have a ton of work to do after the events, so pity me a little bit please! If you happen to catch any Robot events, look for me. ;)

I'll keep you updated as much as I can the next few days. I don't watch the news, so please fill me in if you are noticing anything that would interest me. Like my friend, Trevor, told me today that the press is going after Robot/Mitt hardcore and saying McCain will win NH. I believe it, but please do share, as I would love to know what the pundits/talking heads are saying!

Peace out. 

Keeping hope alive.  

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I just came from an Edwards office here in New Hampshire. The staff and volunteers are optimistic and ready to fight for every vote in New Hampshire.

The game ain't over, folks, but it looks like it will be an exciting game for sure.

And Robot (Mitt) sure got his ass handed to him tonight. Thank you, Governor Huckabee. Robot, I'll see you in an hour and a half. Please cry for me and make my entire year.

No calm before the storm? (IA Caucus-NH Primary)  

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My mom called me and she said people were wondering why I am in New Hampshire and not Iowa. First, work wanted me to come here back in September and I will forever be grateful that I was sent here.

It is a beautiful state and has given me the opportunity to meet all of the candidates, an opportunity I could've had in Iowa, but without all of the beauty, no offense Iowa. And I have met some of the greatest people who have become friends of mine, so I am so glad to be here, even with the bitter sick cold that I have never experienced anywhere else, including Rexburg, Idaho!

Second, while Iowa is ground zero for politics right now, New Hampshire isn't far behind.

It has been crazy here even with all of the attention on Iowa. The craziness goes into triple time tonight at 1:30am with the first candidate event post Iowa caucus. Mitt Romney will be having an event at the Portsmouth Airport at 1:30am and I'll be there.

I hope to post a bit about what I am seeing and experiencing but know that my posting may continue to be light until the primary on Tuesday.