I'm going to South Carolina! (thoughts on Michigan).  

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My flight leaves in a few hours. Michigan has been great, despite the snow and lack of political activity here. But I think I'm ready for some warmer weather, some new scenery and to check one more state off my visited list (most of my states missing from this list are in the south).

I'm super stoked that Robomitt won Michigan. I wasn't terribly surprised. I thought it would be closer, but the turnout was horrid. We've been getting snow out here and really, it is pretty dead politically, so I'm not surprised people weren't as psyched as they were in NEW HAMPSHIRE and they decided to stay home.

Robomitt was able to pander enough to get some votes out here by promising to bring back manufacturing jobs-a lofty promise, that's for sure, but I suppose people out here are so desperate for some type of hope that any optimism is greeted with enthusiasm and a vote.

I guessed that Ron Paul would get 5% of the vote and I was pretty close. Every political event I went to featured some Ron Paul people outside holding signs for Dr. Paul. Like Dr. Paul and his supporters or not, his supporters are hungry and involved and that's respectable and the fact that he has energized people with his message is great and something I always try to encourage. ;)

I thought Huckabee would do better than people imagined, though certainly not well enough to crack into the top 2. But I'm not really sure if anyone made any percentage predictions for Huck. He drew great crowds out here and his message of populism resonates with voters. Unfortunately for Huck, the social conservatives are going with Robomitt and his newly found social conservative values, even though Robomitt doesn't care about poor people, you know that people vote for values over their own economic self-interests (plug for What's the Matter with Kansas?).

I finally bought another memory stick so I could get the adapter that comes with it and as soon as I can get my hands on some scissors, I'll open the package and upload lots of pics from the NEW HAMPSHIRE primary (NH will always be in caps for me now). I know there is a big letdown for residents in NH and I certainly feel it as well, even though I am continuing my work on the campaign trail. There isn't anything like the First in the Nation Primary and I miss the excitement and craziness all of the time. Not to mention the incredible beauty of NH and some of the people...amazing people.

So, I fly into Charleston later tonight and haven't been in South Carolina before. Any advice? Anything I must see? I'm only there for a few days, but I will for sure do some driving and hope to snap some pictures as I didn't take more than 1 here in Michigan! I must say Holland, Michigan was probably my favorite, but I was also by Spring Lake and that was pretty as well, though I think technically it wasn't Spring Lake.

Well I have some packing to do, but I will try to get some pics uploaded tonight.


*sniff sniff* you are missed here in NEW HAMPSHIRE!

Today was my last day at NHPA. I'm sad to leave.

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