Greetings from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina!  

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Well, I arrived here in South Carolina last night. It was raining, but not cold. I was able to get to bed moderately early (12am), which was good because I was called early this morning (8:30am) and told I needed to head up to Myrtle Beach for an event. It was pouring rain, with flooded roads and horrid visibility, but I made it.

My mom asked me if it was pretty. Sure, but I didn't see much due to the weather. On my way back I was able to find a beach and snapped a few pictures but nothing spectacular.

I headed down to Savannah, Georgia tonight and now I am at my hotel on Hilton Head Island. I didn't get to the island until it was dark, so I can't speak to just how beautiful it will be, but I am sure it will be gorgeous. I'm hoping for some beach pics tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, it won't be pouring down rain.

I'm pretty stoked to see what the results are for the SC Primary and NV Caucuses on Saturday. Any predictions? I'm not ready to call SC yet for the Repubs, but I'm pretty sure Robomitt will claim NV, if only because he is the only Repub really campaigning there. But who knows since it's a caucus.

I think Hill will take NV, with Obama and JRE behind. SC will either be Hill or Obama and JRE as 3rd. I still love JRE and I contributed to his campaign tonight. I rarely contribute to political campaigns (only Jim Hansen and Larry Grant before today), but I just felt that I needed to do it, that I talk the talk about JRE, but I need to walk the walk.


I thought you would be going to Hilton Head when you told me you were going to SC. I'm jealous. Take lots of pics, and pray for sunshine!!!!!!!

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