Today's the day...FIRST IN THE NATION!  

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I'll be getting up in a few hours to begin my work day (maybe I'll be on tv again). I'll have a mid-afternoon break during which I will drive back to Concord to cast my vote for John Edwards. If the timing is right, I want to go see Hillary visit a polling location here in town and would love to give her a hug and tell her to hang in there. People and the media are brutal. The woman can't sneeze without people having a shit fit and wondering if she manufactured a cold to get pity.

Tomorrow night I would love to spend it at the John Edwards party, and I hope to spend some time there, but only after I fulfill my work obligations and attend another party elsewhere...

I'm exhausted and only slept 3 hours last night, but today was awesome! As soon as I can find my adapter for my memory card, I hope to show you some pictures with some recognizable faces.

And if you happened to watch Anderson Cooper tonight and saw my mug wearing one of my famous beanies, just know that I support John Edwards still and was simply a Ron Paul fan to get in some camera shots so my ma and step-pa could see my pearly whites. Though I am a huge fan of his stance against the war-bring 'em home!

Looks like I may be moving to Washington, D.C. in a few days...If so, I anticipate some travel to Michigan and South Carolina and probably Nevada...


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