Sunday in New Hampshire...  

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After working for a little bit, I had some time where I should've been working but found myself at ground zero of NH Primary madness. I was down by the Radisson in downtown Manchester and found the media ground zero. I got to see the CSPAN studio set, ABC work headquarters, other sets, and found lots of media folks running around. It was craziness! 

I also found a group of Ron Paul supporters and I had great fun watching them rally at a busy intersection and then it happened...I got to meet Ron Paul. FINALLY! No pic with him, but I did get a pic which shall be posted when I can find my memory card adapter. Not 10 minutes later I met Duncan Hunter, another Presidential my pic with him. He was super nice...but that may have been because I am white. 

I decided that since it was 4:15pm, I should probably eat my first meal. So I went to a sports bar and grille and was eating when who walked in, Tim Russert. I wasn't positive that it was him, so I didn't approach him and when I realized it was truly him, he was at the bar relaxing and I didn't want to disturb him. 

So, I continued my ground zero crazy adventure and was able to see Dennis Kucinich and his wife again and then I got to meet Viggo Mortensen from Lord of the Rings fame! I got a pic, so don't worry about that. He was super nice and it was fun to see Dennis again. So this was my sunday in a nutshell. 

Today I'll be working all day going to events and I will continue to revel in it and realize that being right on the front lines of this is both exciting and bittersweet. Exciting for obvious reasons and bittersweet because I will never live in an early state again...or will I? ;)


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