Reality, not rhetoric, policies, not platitudes!  

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John Edwards didn't not win Iowa because he was "too angry" or lacked the perception of being an agent of change. He didn't win because he was outspent and far too many people buy into nicely put together sentences, paragraphs and speeches and not necessarily policy positions. Though my JRE sure knows how to put together a speech.

I was asked today why I like Edwards and being the policy nerd that I am, I could easily point to the fact that he has policy positions, in fact, he has a policy book out. Can Obama even put together a policy page? But I also pointed out how I love the fighter in him. I identify with that because I am a fighter. I've fought my whole life. The fight, the passion, the drive, the energy, I love it all. I also perceive and feel that JRE is more genuine than Obama.

I've met them both multiple times and every single time I've met Obama, he's lied to my face. Usually about something stupid, but still, it's a lie and don't tell me you won't sign a bumper sticker because you "don't sign things" or that you won't take a picture with me because you don't have time to take "individual pictures" when I just saw you take 4 pictures with people on the rope line. Oh wait, did they donate money to you and that's why they got a picture? It didn't matter that I stood in line for 2 hours and was the first person in line and that I helped start the ISU Students for Obama chapter? Come on!

I just cannot get on the Obama bandwagon. Not until he carves out serious policy positions and not until he stops acting like a rock star. This is serious, folks. I spend all of my time around Republicans, they will not give up without a fight, an epic fight. Hoping that you can work with them for the good of the country won't get it done. The Republicans will bleed you dry and suck the life out of you. I just hope that whoever is the nominee is ready for a fight, because it won't be pretty, it won't be nice, and we need a Democratic President who will fight with everything in them. I believe JRE has the fight we need.



It sounds like you haven't had good experiences with Obama. I haven't met the man, so I have no idea why he has "dissed" you (unless maybe you were wearing an Edwards shirt or button)?

But THIS is how I want my president to act:

No. I don't do that. When I go see Obama, I am either in regular clothes or wearing his t-shirt that I bought. And I always put on his sticker when it is handed to be by a volunteer...

Love the passion, Jessica. Just thought I'd stop by and let you know I enjoy reading the primary updates you post here.

So what's the word on the Edwards campaign after not winning in the first couple of primaries? How is he looking for the 15th? If he were to not win the nomination, is there talk of accepting a VP bid? I noticed some "alliance" talk lately with Obama, is there anything to that?

Keep up the good work.

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