Greetings from New Hampshire, where ALL of the action is at.  

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I'm writing to you from a Starbuck's in Epping, New Hampshire. I've picked up a coffee habit, much to the disappointment of my mother. Sorry, ma, but these candidates have wicked nasty schedules and I can't survive without legal substances to sustain me. 

I greeted Mitt at a private airport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire last night. Surprisingly extra upbeat and optimistic. I thought he would be, but he was even moreso than I imagined. He's a really good actor. I guess when you have to be a phony your entire adult life, that comes easy after awhile. 

I'm sad about Edwards, so terribly sad. What a good and decent man. I still have faith though. I won't stop believing until Edwards tells me to. We need more than hope and words, we need action. 

I got about 3.5 hours of sleep, in two different chunks, last night, so I am pretty exhausted but still have 3 more events to attend today. I also have a ton of work to do after the events, so pity me a little bit please! If you happen to catch any Robot events, look for me. ;)

I'll keep you updated as much as I can the next few days. I don't watch the news, so please fill me in if you are noticing anything that would interest me. Like my friend, Trevor, told me today that the press is going after Robot/Mitt hardcore and saying McCain will win NH. I believe it, but please do share, as I would love to know what the pundits/talking heads are saying!

Peace out. 


Hi Jessica, and thank you for all your blogging from the heart of the political world this past year. It's all coming down to NH ... how exciting for you. Do you get to sit in on the big debates at St A's tonight?

I am going to reply here to the post you made a few days ago about not "getting" the hype about Obama. I am not sure whether the past few days have changed your mind on that, since his speeches on and since Thursday night have widely been reviewed as among the best in recent political rhetoric. I read the Harrop essay, too, and I think maybe this is what you both miss:

What Obama is proposing, and what brought out the independents in Iowa, is the idea that we can move beyond the divisive politics of the past 15 years. Obama speaks of "addition, not division," and his movement is showing that people want to be part of that. We can't get anywhere in Washington until we can get beyond the toxic partisanship that we've seen in recent years.

Hillary Clinton would have a hard time doing that, given her history and divisiveness. Edwards is striking many people as too angry. Yes, he's right on pretty much everything he says, but people don't seem to believe he could forge the same sort of working coalitions to solve these issues that Obama could.

You've said all year that Edwards is the candidate who would bring out Independents, but Iowa proved that wrong in quite conclusive fashion. We'll see what happens in New Hampshire, but if the results are similar, I hope JRE will start considering an appointment as attorney general in the Obama administration.

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