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I'm so exhausted but the adrenalin flowing through my body has me pumped up! Today I worked, went back to Concord and voted for John Edwards, tried to catch Hillary at an event, but barely missed her, came to Manchester to go to John Edwards rally and felt my heart start to break knowing I was looking at the most amazing person and realizing he won't win New Hampshire. 

Then I headed over to the Radisson Hotel and met James Denton from Desperate Housewives (he is a former Repub who endorsed JRE), Tim Russert, and Frank Luntz, WHO I LOVE! Pictures will be posted, most likely tomorrow or the next day. 

Tonight, work beckons, but I hope to catch a bit of the JRE party. 

Tomorrow: rest and catching up on work.

Thursday: I'm going to Michigan for a week. 


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