What a day...(McCain and Edwards thoughts)  

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Part 1:

I am laying in bed and wanted to drop a quick note with my thoughts about tonight. I'm obviously sad about John Edwards. I don't even know if you can comprehend how amazing he is until you see him in person and look into his eyes when he speaks about the problems facing this country and world. He gets it, folks. I was at his party tonight and his speech was moving and powerful. I left the room towards the end because it was too hard to sit there and realize voters aren't giving him the votes he deserves. 

I was ecstatic with the McCain victory. I have a special place for McCain in my heart. He is totally wrong on the War in Iraq, on gay marriage and some of other issues, but boy can he be right about other issues; spending, environment/global warming, torture and the list continues. I also have a special place in my heart because you can see the disdain he has for Romney so easily. Their exchange during a debate over torture is a youtube clip I watch over and over again. 

I also like that McCain is so open about his events. People from anti-war/peace groups are allowed in to pass out materials that totally contradict McCain's hawkish ideas. One time people from two peace groups came in dressed as nuclear bombs. NO OTHER REPUBLICAN and MOST Democratic campaigns would not allow them in. McCain did. He will call on you to answer a question when he knows you are going to ask him a brutal question that will force him to give an answer people won't like. His staffers don't hold onto the mic when you ask a question (other campaign's have their staffers do so if you start asking a tough question they can pull the mic away). He will let you ask clarifying questions, or make a comment, when he answers your first question. The list continues. 

I might fall asleep writing this, so I am going to end here and continue writing more soon. I am not sure how much time I have as I am going to Michigan for a week starting thursday morning. 

Congrats Hillary and John McCain. 


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