No calm before the storm? (IA Caucus-NH Primary)  

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My mom called me and she said people were wondering why I am in New Hampshire and not Iowa. First, work wanted me to come here back in September and I will forever be grateful that I was sent here.

It is a beautiful state and has given me the opportunity to meet all of the candidates, an opportunity I could've had in Iowa, but without all of the beauty, no offense Iowa. And I have met some of the greatest people who have become friends of mine, so I am so glad to be here, even with the bitter sick cold that I have never experienced anywhere else, including Rexburg, Idaho!

Second, while Iowa is ground zero for politics right now, New Hampshire isn't far behind.

It has been crazy here even with all of the attention on Iowa. The craziness goes into triple time tonight at 1:30am with the first candidate event post Iowa caucus. Mitt Romney will be having an event at the Portsmouth Airport at 1:30am and I'll be there.

I hope to post a bit about what I am seeing and experiencing but know that my posting may continue to be light until the primary on Tuesday.


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