The battle in my head and heart between Obama and Hillary. Here's a little Obama love.  

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I've been torn over Hillary and Obama for months now. During the summer before I started my job, I could never see myself supporting Hillary, but I as learned more about her, I learned about the amazing woman she is.

But, as I learned more about Obama, I became concerned about his readiness for the general election and Presidency. Those concerns still remain. But I also learned that he inspires people and though I think he is still very very very overhyped, I respect the fact that he is able to do what few can. And yes, though politically much easier for Obama than a United State Senator, such as Hillary or JRE, he was opposed to the War in Iraq.

I am just most concerned about electing a Democrat and therefore I am always concerned about Hillary's negatives (how many people have a negative opinion of her). I think that as people get to know Hillary and see her, her negatives will continue to drop and I still think she could win the general, but winning will be terribly difficult. She does galvanize the Republican base in a way Obama wouldn't, but should we be nominating someone because we are scared of how they will react to Hillary, who has been very very good to our party, to the American people, and is a solid Democrat???

Obama will face an incoming onslaught from the Republicans that would make any grown man, or woman, curl up into the fetal position, suck their thumb, and cry for their mother. Trust me people, it will truly be nasty. I know Hillary is ready for the onslaught, is Obama?

So basically the aforementioned are the types of things I have been grappling with over the last few months. I have always known JRE's chance at the nomination was slim and with that in mind, I was always ready to throw my support to another candidate. I just didn't realize how difficult this would be.

JRE was my candidate and a perfect one and he would've made a damn good President. When JRE dropped out, America lost. When JRE dropped out, the poor and forgotten lost their voice. When JRE dropped out, I experienced that all too familiar feeling, political heartbreak. When JRE dropped out, I decided to endorse Hillary. But the day after JRE dropped out and I endorsed Hillary, I have decided to endorse both Obama and Hillary. May the best person for the job win.


Great post, Jessica. You lay out the landscape for both candidates so well.

I am also heartened that both Clinton and Obama gave Edwards their word that they will carry forth his cause as their own. Due to his upbringing (and that of Michelle, his wife, whose story truly mirrors that of JRE as rags to riches) and career background (community organizer and civil rights lawyer), I feel Obama is a bit better suited to this than Clinton, but that either would do it well.

I know Obama will face a lot of crap from the GOP, but - due to the fact he is attracting many moderate Repubs - I feel it won't be quite as bitter or harsh as that we've already seen leveled against Clinton. As someone wrote over at RSR, he starts out even on that score, while HRC is already far in the hole. Yes, some people will eventually come to "like her more," but many will not. In addition, I can't see Clinton drawing the youth vote anywhere near the way Obama will. Finally, there's the real danger of Bill being a distraction - maybe not so much in the White House, but during the rest of this campaign.

Beyond the matter of the Iraq War vote, there is little daylight between Clinton and Obama on policy matters. So when I vote Tuesday, I'll be standing for the candidate who is least polarizing, who will give the United States a truly new image, and whose life has prepared him to lead.

I like to vote for the most handsome candidate...go Mitt! lol Sorry I'm not into politics too much...obviously!! But I do enjoy reading your views!! *wink*

Hmmmmmm, are you sure you're not running for something? :-)

I too think there's not a whole lot of difference policy-wise between Hillary and Obama. I also think that despite not having a ton of experience, Obama will do fine in a general election. He's held up pretty well against the Clintons' attacks so far. :-)

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