Greetings from Chicago, by way of Atlanta!  

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I'm blogging from the cold and snowy throes of Chicago, Illinois. It's actually not that cold. I think NEW HAMPSHIRE taught me what real cold is. Chicago just got a snowstorm last night which kept me in Atlanta longer than I wanted. I was a bit excited though because I thought I could catch part of the debate on one of the tv's in the airport. As soon as it started, they changed the channel on every tv to the Mavs-Celts game...ummm??? Do I even need to go into why this was total crap?

So, while I would love suggestions on things to do, places to see, and foods to eat, I am flying out tomorrow morning to....NASHVILLE! I am actually more excited for Nashville than I was for Chicago because going to Nashville means I get to cross off another state on my list of states to see!

I'm thinking I'll be back in NEW HAMPSHIRE in the next few days for my final goodbye. sigh.


Go see Graceland while you're in Nashville. Everyone will be impressed!!!

We got sleet and freezing rain last night. The roads are a *mess* to say the least. Right now it's "partly sunny" and warm at 40*. The weather will stay like this all weekend then another sleet/freezing rain storm on Monday or Tuesday. [sarcasm] Joy [/sarcasm].

Let me know when you're in the state so I can say goodbye (sniff). Hopefully I'll be able to see you when you're here.

Tennessee is beautiful. I was there about 15 years ago (my god, has it been that long?) and left a piece of my soul in Chatanooga.

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