I'm sorry, but those kids in Jesus Camp scare me.  

Posted by Jessica

So I have been hearing for years about this documentary, Jesus Camp, and I finally decided to set a recording on my DVR and watch it. It is about this short summer camp for kids who are wayyyyyy into Jesus. The kids are speaking in tongues (well, at least they think so), crying and screaming for Jesus, and doing other things which are frightening.

Listen, I'm all for children going to a church if that's how their parents want to raise them. Going to church and my religious beliefs as a child, pre-teen, and teen were absolutely instrumental to a lot of who I am today, but this Jesus Camp is freaky stuff. (As I am writing this, the documentary is showing Ted Haggard preaching to these Jesus Camp people. Oh, the irony).

I find it really disturbing that people indoctrinate children and so much of this documentary felt like I was watching a documentary on a cult. Anyways, I recommend it, but be prepared.


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