Job search becomes Internship search?  

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The economy is still in the shitter. I've applied to a few jobs where I am overqualified and thought for sure I'd get a call back or something, but...nothing. Something will come along, someday.

Today, though, something interesting happened. Someone friend requested me on Facebook. We have some mutual friends (mainly campaign workers in D.C.), and so I accepted and took a look at his Facebook profile. He owns a firm that does communications work. They are hiring, but I am not quite qualified for what they are hiring for. Therefore, I decided to shoot him a Facebook email and ask if he would meet with me to possibly do an internship.

This is a great firm that does really good work. And I think it would be awesome to really get some great experience in communications and PR. He said yes to my email provided I email him a resume and cover letter!

Thoughts? No lectures on working for free, please.


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