Inauguration Gratitude and a lil' Regret  

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Anytime I get upset that I am not going to the Inauguration, I remember how insane it will be. The crowds, traffic, packed everything, lines, outrageous prices, etc. Hotels were around $600/night when they are usually 1/6th of that. Sorry, but I'm not spending $2k-3k for a 2-2.5 star hotel for 4-5 nights. 

I know a few people who work for Obama and I might've been able to score a ticket to the Inaug and maybe some balls, but I just do not want to deal with the madness. Though I do wish I could've gone to the Convention in Denver. I was too broke and didn't want to try to score credentials, though as some of you know, I am an expert at getting into events I have no right being in. ;)


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