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I missed out an opportunity to meet Ron Paul, Guiliani, McCain (again) and to see my John Edwards today. Whoopsy! I might be moving closer to the seacoast and have been wrapped up in other things and didn't realize all of them were officially filing today at the NH Statehouse, which is across the street from where I work-which is sweet!

I was at an Obama rally yesterday trying to get people to sign a petition to end the war. Obama, unfortunately for me, underwhelms me as a speaker. Sure he's hopeful, but he lacks in the policy department and from what I've seen, which is a few rallies, he isn't as inspiring and great as I have been told. I don't know if my expecations are way too high or what, but I have genuinely wanted to give him a chance to be as great as he is made out to be and it just doesn't happen.

A friend of mine who was there asked a staffer if he would come over to where a bunch of us were, as we were right next to his car and he promised to sign some things for people over there, and the staffer said he wouldn't come over. My friend was annoyed because she wanted to ask him about nuclear non-proliferation and she remarked that he isn't a superstar, he is a politician and should act like it. Unfortunately we have candidates who forget that they are, in fact, politicians, and sometimes just candidates, but that they can't avoid answering tough questions and facing the people. My friend did have a great conversation with Ron Paul who was, gasp, honest, and spent a few minutes talking about nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear weapons.


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