I Met Mike Huckabee!  

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Who I actually kinda like. I think he is a decent guy who has some horrid policies, but he doesn't engage in the Democrat bashing like Mitty boy and Drag Queen Guiliani and his policies aren't 100% crappy.

I got to talk to him twice as he worked the room. And boy, he is good with the retail politicking (hand shaking, baby holding, etc). No wonder he is at 18% in Iowa now-2nd place for you non-politico's. The second time he came around he asked me my name, where I was from, told me a short story about Boise, and just really tried to have a conversation with me. You know how people talk about Bill Clinton talking to someone and treating them as if they are the only person in the room? Huckabee did that and I haven't met any other politicians who have. I was pretty impressed.

Here is the picture as evidence and feel free to use this as blackmail as I am wearing one of his stickers. I am excited to meet more of the Repubs running since I have met all of the Dems,
'cept Gravel and Kucinich...


Hey, that's pretty cool! I'd like to meet him. Huckabee has some positions that actually are pretty democratic, like his stance on teachers pay and unions, as well as corporate greed, etc.

Yeah, Mike is a good guy. He does have some decent positions too.

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