I was attacked...seriously.  

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I don't, generally speaking, like big dogs. They scare me. I prefer small dogs that like to sit on your lap, that can sleep on your bed without taking up half of it, and that don't have enormous teeth that can sink into your skin.

So I am living with a host family who have been wonderful and they have a cat and dog who are great pets...I have been letting the dog sleep in my room and sometimes, when I feel generous, I let her sleep on my bed. I usually wake up around 7am to use the restroom and often times have the dog leave my room so my host dad can put her outside to go potty. A few times she has been reluctant to leave and I have to kinda push her off the bed. I did so this morning but when I came back into my room, she was laying on the floor. So I went to push her bottom, nicely, out of the door and she bit my hand and started walking back into my room more. So I followed her a few steps to get her back outside and she attacked me...

She latched onto my arm, right below my elbow, and held on for dear life, even as I lifted my arm higher and higher. When she finally let go and she left my room, I fell onto the floor because my arm was throbbing so bad. She only broke skin in a few places but one of them was a NASTY puncture wound and the blood was so dark, almost black. I was able to fall back asleep, but only after an hour or so as my arm was in that much pain.

So I come home tonight and walk into the front door and hear the dog barking...she runs to greet me as if all is well and I can't help but be suspicious of this dog. Is she lulling me into false sense of security so she can latch onto my arm again and tear it off? I get into my room and shut the door but find that nature calls and go to use the bathroom. When I go into the hall, guess who is there? The latcher...looking at me with a guilty face. So I call her over and pet her. She starts running towards my bedroom but I tell her no because I don't like having a swollen, bruised and bloody arm. And I am kinda scared because maybe she will attack me again.


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