How do we engage the youth?  

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This was something Idaho Democrats pondered over the weekend and I responded to this on another blog, Red State Rebels.

I find it somewhat humorous that I am even offering my input seeing as how I am a political junkie and politics is my life. But I know a few things on how to get young people involved. I was the President of the Idaho State University College Democrats and involved with other campus organizations during college and now find myself organizing for a campaign in New Hampshire on college campuses.

One commenter stated that the young people should be stepped on and that we don't need to engage them. Correct, we don't need to engage the political junkies, but political junkies aren't the norm. We need to engage the people who aren't political junkies. HOW DO WE DO THAT?

I suggested giving money to College Dems/Young Dems groups on campus because young people can engage young people best, but someone said money isn't the answer. Uh, ok. I am not suggesting that we give out $20 bills, I am suggesting that we give money to these groups so they have the resources they need on campus to create visibility, create literature, etc...I don't see how that should even be up for debate.

You can get young people excited just by giving them a sticker, or button, or whatever you have. Truly, it works wonders. I gave the UNH College Dems some stickers (bumper and lapel) for their table at the Organizational Fair and it meant a lot to them because young people love free stuff and by giving them something they can wear/display, suddenly they become a part of something.

I also suggested that we could start engaging young people by reaching out to Young Dem/College Dem groups, but someone pointed out that these groups aren't all encompassing. Wow, really? No duh. But these groups already exist on campuses, THEIR campuses, with students who are their friends and their classmates. You want to work on campuses, you don't bypass existing groups-why reinvent the wheel? You start from these groups and work out from there.

Again, I am not a perfect authority on young people, but I know a few things and though my answers may not be what you want to hear, they are what, in my experience, works.


"how do we engage the youth"

speak the truth... and don't be afraid of the good ol' boy republicans in the state.

Tell the truth! What a novel idea! Thanks for the comment!

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