Uh, Wow. Some Mormons Scare Me.  

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And there is one in particular, who blogs, who really scares me, but I don't even want to link to her blog because she shouldn't get any publicity for the crap she spews.

Let me sum up her blog:

Barak (her spelling, not mine) is a Socialist and shouldn't be in this country.

Hillary is scary!

Mitt Romney will save the world because he is THAT great.

First of all, lady, don't criticize Obama if you can't friggin' spell his name. Second of all, how scary is a corporate centrist Democrat? I mean, really, come on! Last of all, Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping liar who will say anything to get a vote, and pay anything as well. How Mitty has managed to fool so many people into thinking there is anything genuine about him is really a feat, and he deserves some props for being such a good politician, but that isn't a compliment people should want.


I don't think she's scary because she's Mormon. She's scary because she's more Republican than Mormon.

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