I Met Mitt Romney (UPDATED)  

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I am not gonna say anything mean about him right now because he was very nice to me, as was his wife. The picture taken of us was taken by Senator Judd Gregg, (R-NH), which is pretty cool that a United States Senator took our picture.

If you catch him on tv before he officially files to run as President in New Hampshire, you might notice me in my pink hat in the background. I'm on the first row on the left, behind Senator Gregg, and then behind another guy who introduced Mitt to the crowd (no idea who this second guy is). At times, you may see me waving my red Mitt hand thingy and sometimes holding a Mitt sign (I was deep undercover...).

UPDATE: My cousin and Aunt notified me that a top story on Mitt Romney's website has a picture from the rally where you see me in my pink hat on the left behind Mitt, his wife Ann, Senator Gregg and his wife (who was in a really bad mood!).


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