The end has come...  

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of my summer job and of Larry Craig's political career. What is next? No comment. But some of you who think you know may not actually know what my next step will be. And for Larry Craig, hopefully he resigns, as his Republican colleagues in the House AND Senate are calling on him to do.

I spent today entering data in, faxing in receipts and other things, and packing up my office. Now I am home packing up my room and moving my belongings to a common room so I can drive back to Idaho tonight. I am so excited to see my friends and to be in a cooler climate. But I am also excited for a little vacation. I need it. And I also have a lot to think about and decide upon in the next 2 days.

It will be strange to be homeless, as I most certainly will be the next week or so, but it feels the most strange not working to end this reckless War in Iraq. I loved the campaign, the message, the people, and even my bosses. I didn't quite realize how much I would learn about people and myself. I have a lot of growing to do, life lessons to learn, patience to acquire, skills to gain, and much much more, but I know that I am continuing to grow and mature each and every day.

Expect a wrap up of our big event last night, some pictures, and maybe an announcement in the next few days. Until then, wish me safe travels and good luck as one more liberal returns to Idaho to enjoy the destruction of another Republican's career! Congrats, Larry Craig, this is what happens when you live a lie and vote against equal rights.


Good luck with the move and the new job, wherever and whatever it may be.

To Quote Sam Green:
"Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, sat all alone. As other senators debated this life-or-death issue of war, Craig looked down and doodled on a small piece of paper the size of a coffee coaster.
He did this for at least a half hour, probably more, meticulously drawing some four-sided object and switching pens from time to time."

He was probably thinking of a Minnesota restroom?

According to Sen. Craig's testimony on the police audio tape he states, "I go to that bathroom regularly."

Your right Sam Green, Sen. Craig is an ass.

HA! So funny.

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