Bush is losing the Mormons!  

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The title of this blog entry is something I've thought about before, namely when Cheney was going to give the commencement address at BYU in May and thousands of people expressed their displeasure. I can say with certainty that I have never been more proud to be a Mormon than when I saw the petition and read the comments from people who just couldn't let Cheney visit without a fight.

With Bush's abysmal approval rating, we all know how displeased Americans are with the job he is doing as President. Yet he still has around 30% of the country supporting him, many of whom are Mormon. So you can imagine how reluctant I am, when I go to church, to get into my job situation. I don't need anyone making me feel bad for my current job as someone trying to end the War in Iraq, as a leader in a local ward in Vegas did my first time at church in Vegas in July.

So today, when someone asked me at church (I am in Pocatello for a short vacation), what campaign I was with for the last two months, I was surprised to hear her interest. I briefly explained that a surge had occurred in Iraq and that we need more members of Congress to change their votes so we can bring our troops home. She then stated, and let me paraphrase here, "You know the Dixie Chicks? And how the one said what she said a few years ago? Well, I totally agree with her." This is a girl who is obviously paying a bit more attention than most (as evidenced by some conversation we had that I didn't include in this post) but someone who isn't too involved politically and she is totally ashamed of George W. Bush. I was surprised, elated, and relieved that more and more Americans are realizing the complete disaster this President is.

And it was just another sign that Bush is losing the Mormons and when you've lost the Mormons as a Republican, you've lost almost everything.


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