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John Edwards is my number 1 choice for the nomination. He is the most electable and is actually progressive. I also like that his supporters know about his positions and can name reasons why they support him that extend beyond charisma and how he brings hope to people. Not that the aforementioned aren't important, but I would like a nominee who brings more to the table.

Having spent the last month in Nevada and having spent a significant amount of time with campaign staff for all of the candidates, except for Mike Gravel, let me state that I support all of the candidates for President. I have had the pleasure to meet three of the candidates and have had the oppportunity to learn about all of them.

In many ways Dodd is my favorite because he brings a wealth of experience, incredible knowledge, and a background that backs his talk. In many ways Hillary is because I respect the way she campaigns so much. Her campaign has been nearly flawless, she is more prepared than all of the others combined, and when she speaks you can hear the experience in her words. I like Biden for his brutal honesty and experience. He isn't trying to appease voters so much as he is just trying to give it to us straight. I like Kucinich because I agree with his positions the most and his supporters are hardcore supporters-you gotta love that.

I like Richardson because he is a western Democrat and his message and policies reflect that. I like Obama because he is different and got the Iraq issue right the first time.

Who will I caucus for if the caucus were tomorrow? Edwards. Who will I caucus for January 19th? I can't say at this point in time. But you can bet that whichever Democrat gets the nomination will get my full support and I love all of them.


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