The View, Obama, and cutthroat politics...  

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The View has hired two people for the two co-hosting vacancies, Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepard. I like Whoopi but I cannot stand Sherri. I used to love her until she started making asinine comments about how Al Gore wouldn't have been any better than GWB and she doesn't believe in evolution because she believes in Jesus. Seriously?

I received a press release in my email noting that Obama's Western Political Director is visiting Boise next week. In case you didn't know, there are some in Idaho who have started a campaign to bring Obama to Idaho. Best of luck to Boise/Idaho in this endeavor. It's hard to get Obama to Nevada for an open event that is free and doesn't require money or the promise of big money, but I do hope they get him up there. You never know with these politicians!

I had lunch today with someone who is very involved with Democratic politics in the area and state. He said he didn't know Nevada/Vegas politics could be so cutthroat. This was the same observation I had when, on saturday, during the Clark County Democratic Party elections, someone had negative campaign flyers up about a Democrat running. County elections for the Democratic Party-wow.

The worst I had seen from the Bannock County Dems was when a Democrat was wanting to run in a city council race against another Democrat and people told her not to because people would be mad at her. I wasn't close to the situation but apparently she was treated pretty badly by people and heaven forbid a woman should challenge a man in a race! We need more women in politics, especially in Idaho. People shouldn't be discouraged from running because they aren't part of the good ole' boys club and their entry might create some healthy and much needed competition.


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