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I have no internet at home and while I spend a great deal of time at work in my office with internet, it isn't enough to allow me to blog as much as I would like. However, I am waiting for my date and wanted to rest my feet and whoop there it is, I have internet.

Last night was First Friday, a popular event here in Las Vegas. We used it to have an anti-war protest and it went great, as you can tell from the pictures! After the protest, a friend and I walked around and got into a discussion with some Bible thumpers. The kind who say that gay people are going to hell. The kind who have to talk around in circles because when you question their logic, and they realize they aren't fooling you, try to confuse you. I wasn't fooled and I still support gay marriage. Equal rights is very important to me and that will never change.

I received a call from the Hillary Clinton campaign asking me about Idaho State University. Yes, I am telling the truth. They want ISU students to come intern down here in Vegas during the winter break. It was neat to receive a call like that and I hope some ISU students take advantage of that opportunity.

Tomorrow I am going to try to attend my first Unitarian Universalist Church service (don't worry, I am not leaving the Mormon Church). It should be interesting. My only non-Mormon religious experience is limited to midnight Mass and maybe that is pathetic, but that's the honest to goodness truth. Haven't been to a Mormon Church meeting in a month because of work and I haven't heard a peep from anyone in my ward. Guess I'm not missed and/or maybe they are scared of my liberalism and/or maybe they are overwhelmed with other things...

Well, I better sign off for now. I am sweating it up sitting in my hot car in a hot garage and am ready to head back into Planet Hollywood, which is amazing inside and amazingly cool (literally).


Hillary Clinton and ISU. That would be an awesome opportunity for people. It would show them that there is more to this world than great ole Pocatello.

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