History will be made in Vegas and Idaho!  

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And I can't sleep! Nerves. Today is a historic day and I will be playing a part in it. As town halls and vigils are held all across this country, including Boise, Idaho, citizens will demand that our leaders stand with the people and end this war. Here in Las Vegas we have been working hard and placing pressure on Congressman Porter to end the war. The culimination of our work in Vegas takes place tonight as we gather together, listen to speakers, and ask Congressman Porter questions about Iraq. Of course he won't be there. He has never held a town hall, and refuses to meet with concerned constituents, including veterans and family members of soldiers in Iraq.

Just last week two military family members, one of which is a vet, were denied entry into a building to visit the Congressman by the building manager. The Congressman has an office that is paid for by taxpayer funds and constituents have every right to visit his office. These aren't trouble makers, these are people who simply want to know why their son, their brother, and sometimes why they themselves had to serve in an endless war.

The time is now, America. We must stand up and tell Congress and the White House that they must either vote to end this war or face political extinction.


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