I Met Senator Biden Today!  

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Senator Biden is a Senator from Delaware and running for President of the United States. He is amazing! He saw my campaign sticker (Iraq War, Wrong Way, for the campaign I work on) and thanked me for my work to end the war. I bought his book, which he signed, "Jessica, thank you for your support. We must end this war." Love it! Here is our picture and buy his book, it is supposed to be fantastic!

And I also want to say how happy I am that yet another Republican, Senator Warner from Virginia, who was the former chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, has said we must start the process of bringing troops home in September.

He is another Republican who joins the ranks of dissatisfied Republicans who want to see the end of this war. Let me also state how well respected he is and how important this is. His words today carry tremendous weight with every Republican leader.

Tonight I am headed to a town hall where Governor Richardson of New Mexico, another Presidential candidate, will be speaking. I hope I get to meet him.


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