Thunder and lightning storm, a warning to Republicans?  

Posted by Jessica in

I was sleeping peacefully tonight, in anticipation of 3 visits we will be making to Congressman Porter's office today for our last stakeout before our town hall meeting, and was abruptly awoken as thunder so loud and lightning to bright shakes North Las Vegas. I don't even know if I can describe in words how scary and loud it is! Enough for me to text my mom how freaked out I am even knowing I might wake her up at 2:43am. I swear looking out my bedroom window it felt as if the storm was within a mile or two, if that. Now it moves farther and farther away and using the method of counting seconds between the lightning and thunder and dividing by 5, tells me it is at least a few miles from here.

I seriously thought, and remember I am exhausted and half awake, with the loudness of the thunder, that bombs were being dropped in my neighborhood. It struck all around, as rain pounds the ground, and the sky is lit up. I have never felt nor heard such sound in my life.

Could mother nature be sending our elected leaders a message on the day before historic town halls and vigils are held? End this war? Maybe.


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