As quickly as I returned home, I leave again.  

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Ok, not sure if the title makes sense. If not, I blame the flu my body is fighting. If so, awesome. My vacation in Seattle was short, but nice. I boarded a red eye flight on the 6th and flew back into the District and now find myself traveling back west by way of Philly, which is where I am at right now. I wouldn't have gone on a work trip so quickly and in the midst of this nasty flu if not for the chance to stay at home one night and see my family (hopefully), my dogs, and the puppies.

I skipped out on a work retreat that was in many ways a once in a lifetime opportunity because I felt that sick and knew I'd be on planes for several hours today (most likely 8+ hours by the time I get to Portland). I'll be in Portland for hopefully no longer than a day and then go to Seattle. I hope hope hope I get at least one night there. 2 nights would be heavenly. My family is in Cali for my sister's graduation, but if I can stay in Seattle tuesday night, I can at least see my mom for a few hours.

Well, I'm gonna sign off and attend to some business.


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