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My friend Lisa has started blogging. We met when we were assigned to be roommates at Ricks College in September of 2000. Polar opposites in so many ways, it took a few months before we became friends and oh did we become friends, best friends even. The differences between people can be forgotten when you share certain things in common. And what we shared in common bonded us and has made our differences not just okay, or tolerable, but celebrated.

We aren't as close as we once were, mainly because our lives are so vastly different. She is married with two kids, lives in Missouri, and is pretty conservative politically. I am single, politics is my life, I live in New England, and I think George W. Bush is the worst president EVER. But still, we email, occasionally text, facebook, and every now and then I call her because sometimes I miss her voice.

I just think she is amazingly wonderful and if the world was filled with Lisa's, it would be an awesome place. Even awesomer if it was filled with liberal Lisa's. ;)

So if you want to see THE perfect family (hoping that gets an eye roll from Moon), check out her blog.


Thanks Jess. That was really nice of you! Boy did we have some CRAZY times in college . . . and oh, how different we were/are, but sometimes being different is better than being too much the same! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

You're welcome, Moon.

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