Washington D.C., here I come.  

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I haven't been to DC since January of 2005 when I traveled there for the counter-inauguration events for George W. Bush. I only had a few days and my feet have never had such a workout so I didn't see all the sites I wanted to. When I leave on Thursday for DC it will be for training, but I am still hoping to visit the Lincoln Memorial, which I didn't get to before. I could physically see it, but my feet couldn't take me there. :(

My hotel will be only about 2 blocks from the White House, so I will be pretty close to a lot of neat things. Any suggestions would be appreciated, but keep in mind I have seen Arlington National Cemetery, the Washington Monument, the White House (just outside though!), the Holocaust Museum, and maybe some other places I have forgotten...? My free time might only be at night as well.

I have a post planned for later, hopefully. I met Rudy Giuliani today (oh the irony considering what I will be doing for my new job!) and got a picture with him and his beautiful wife. So expect that tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I can find the cord to connect my camera to my laptop.


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