Hair, Hillary, Mitt, Job Status, and War and Peace...  

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This morning I was thinking about how today will be the first time I use my blow dryer in New Hampshire. Crazy, huh? Since I moved here on September 10th, I have just let my hair air dry. The humidity allows me to do that and maintain some decent hairstyles. But I got it cut the other day and it is a bit too short for me to do that. So, I have to blow dry and straighten it now.

I am expecting news in next day or two about a possible job change. Same campaign, different job. I interviewed for it yesterday and I know I would do a fantastic job, but the decision isn't mine. I'll let you all know if I get the job, but I won't be posting much about it, if anything. I will continue posting about my day to day activities.

As of last night, Mitty still had a picture with me in it up on his website. My friend Liz, who LOVES her some Mitty, gets a kick out of it and told me I have to vote for him now. My reply? "I don't support people who support torturing human beings. Torture is wrong. Always." Mitty has said he would like to double the size of Guantanomo (Gitmo) Bay and he represents so much of what I dislike about the Republican Party (this excitement to go to war and kill thanks).

Spencer W. Kimball, who was a prophet in the Mormon Church years and years ago, stated that we are a "warlike people"-that we put our faith and trust in weapons rather than in God. I can't help but feel that Mitty is just like every other warlike person and rather than relying on God to deliver us, he relies on Halliburton, KBR, Boeing, etc...All of my feelings in regards to war and peace stem from my religious beliefs, btw.

Hillary Clinton is filing in New Hampshire. After she files, she will hold a rally in front of the statehouse, which is oh so close to where I work (right across the street!!!)-it's pretty awesome. A co-worker and I will be there trying to get people to sign a petition and handing out yard signs. I will then, most likely, head over to Claremont where Hillary will be doing a meet and greet. No, a meet and greet doesn't mean you always get to meet the candidates. The drive to Claremont is a little over an hour and I do hope to meet her again, and this time, get photographic proof!

So, looks like it is time for me to crank up the 'ole blow dryer and try to look pirty for Hillary.


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