2006 Election Reflections in Idaho.  

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It seems like just yesterday that many of us in Idaho experienced political heartbreak. Political heartbreak in Idaho is certainly something we are used to, but each time it happens, it isn't any easier than the time before. But still, we had cause to celebrate. Democrats took control of the US House AND US Senate.

However, as happy as I was for the individual Democrats in other states who worked their asses off to win their respective races, I was devastated that people I personally knew and respected had lost in Idaho. Idaho voters elected a man barely qualified to be a janitor in a school as Superintendent of Public Instruction in Idaho (the ENTIRE STATE school system), only because he had an (R) after his name. Idaho voters elected a total loon as one of our Congressional representatives and Idaho voters didn't elect one of the finest men in this country.

As I mentioned above, voters elected a man who completely embarrasses the state of Idaho (but not as much as Larry Craig has). His opponent, Larry Grant, was an appealing Democrat who offered a message that spoke to Democrats, Independents, and Republicans. He only lost by a few percentage points but this loss has caused a lot of drama in the political world in Idaho.

Anonymous sources have claimed that Grant dropped the ball, so to speak. He didn't take good advice, he made bad decisions, he did this, he did that, he didn't do this, he didn't do that. I've remained an observer of this, mostly because Larry Grant ran for an office in the other congressional district, not the one I lived in. But with Grant recently posting a response on New West, I can't help but put in my two cents.

I know that Grant's campaign had flaws. Every campaign has flaws. First time campaigners make mistake after mistake-it just comes with the territory. But I do think what has happened is a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking. If Grant's campaign was as bad as it sounds, then it's pretty miraculous he came so close to winning. I happen to believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the two sides we are being presented with. I do wish to commend Larry Grant on facing the firing squad (see the comments to his article on New West) on New West. A lot of people would avoid exposing themselves like that.

Larry Grant is running for the same seat again but faces a tough primary with two formidable opponents, Rand Lewis and Walt Minnick. Without all of the drama surrounding the last election, I highly doubt two prime opponents would have entered the race, but you just never know. So....may the best man win and let's get the popcorn popped to see this exciting primary in Idaho!!!


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