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Sorry it has been a few days since my last posting. I have been driving all over New Hampshire and when I say "all over," I mean all freaking over. I think I put about 600 miles on my car and for New Hampshire that means you drove the entire state.

My travels had me passing through parts of Vermont a few times (I had lunch there on Saturday) and I was pretty happy to finally see Vermont. I spent a day+ in the "North Country" of New Hampshire, which is upper New Hampshire. I saw my first New Hampshire snow and drove through a snowstorm! My car is a champ, I must say, and did well with the snow. I was up in the White Mountain National Forest and it is gorgeous! So gorgeous I would love to spend a weekend holed up in some cabin surrounded by forest and snow, but I doubt that will happen. :(

Sunday morning before I started work, I attended a roundtable discussion with Elizabeth Edwards. I think I should devote an entire post to that because it was pretty cool and she is so amazing.


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